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    Are You Selfish Enough? Michelle Hazlewood

    If you were brought up anything like me, you were taught it was bad to be selfish and virtuous to be selfless.  The more you did for others regardless of the cost to yourself, the better a person you were.  Many were, and still are, of the culture that you take care of everyone else’s needs and then, if you have time or energy, take care of your own.

    Ok, it’s time for a wake up call!  Remember on an airplane we are instructed, in case of emergency, to place the oxygen mask on our face and then assist others?  Hello, maybe this is a good metaphor for life.  You are the most important person in your life.  If you doubt that, imagine your life with out YOU!

    Numerous people are under incredible amounts of stress, incur cancer, heart attacks and strokes that could have been avoided if they practiced excellent self care.  As a result of these situations, there is a ripple effect in these individual’s lives.  Their family and friends may be inconvenienced and even suffer hardship themselves in an effort to care for those they love.

    Imagine if everyone put on their own mask first!  Imagine if everyone took excellent care of themselves first!  The kids would learn this too.  Most sicknesses and hardships would be averted right there.  Then imagine with all these vital, healthy people roaming the earth, how much our energetic, healthy selves could do to assist each other!  What a powerful positive difference we could make on this planet.    (FOR MORE)

    Perhaps by now you are realizing how important being selfish is but don’t know where to start.  First, recognize that your current self sacrificing thoughts and habits have taken years to solidify in your life.  Be patient with yourself as you allow time and baby steps to making the changes you desire.

    Make one commitment for different areas of your life.  While possible, most people aren’t going to feel good making drastic changes over night.  Some ideas to assist in getting started:
    •    Decide to take one step to amplify your exercise routine
    •    Find one way to enhance your nutritional intake
    •    Start saying “No” to jobs, requests & invitations that don’t bring you joy
    •    Make one change that will enrich your spirituality
    •    Increase your time spent with supportive people in your life and decrease that with those that bring you down
    •    Live in the moment being aware at all times if what you are doing is bringing you peace & joy

    Keep in mind, as you start making these self care shifts in your life, some people in your life may feel very uncomfortable and even try to make you feel guilty.  These are their issues and you are not responsible for anyone’s happiness but your own.  While you make the changes around those you care about, do them in as loving manner as possible.  As time goes on, not only will you live your life more authentically, but you may also inspire those around you to elevate theirs too.  What a powerful impact this will have for you and this entire planet!