10 Happy Healthy Habits

    10 Happy Healthy Habits

    Michelle Hazlewood

    1. Move around for 30 minutes a day – Walk, dance, bike! Your body needs to put out more energy than normal. This will improve overall health and help you stay young!


    2. Take a daily nutritional supplement – Like Juice Plus! This can help fortify your immune system, increase your energy, enhance your metabolism and more!


    3. Eat 9-13 servings of fruits and veggies daily – Raw, fresh produce is the best! Eat to your hearts content and enjoy all the health benefits with no worries of having too much.


    4. Get enough sleep – Everybody’s needs here vary but it’s important to get enough for you. Meeting this need results in feeling energetic, assisting your metabolism and getting the renewal your body needs on a regular basis.


    5. Just Do It – How many times have you thought about exercise, wanted to exercise, speculated about exercise only to find the time to do it come and gone? If this is truly important to you, just get started!


    6. Drink water – 8 glasses of water daily is the recommendation for most people. Experiment with how much feels best for you. Staying well hydrated is good for your metabolism, your skin….simply stated, your health!


    7. Eliminate whatever is in your life that gets in the way of your health – Review all the things you doing and decide if they are truly important for your wellbeing. Look at your habits and notice if they are all serving you the way you want. Evaluate the people you hang out with. Do they lift you up?


    8. Make an attitude adjustment – Look on the bright side of things. Celebrate your successes. Express gratitude for what you have. If you choose to, you will continue to improve you levels of health and happiness on a regular basis!


    9. Give your metabolism a hand – For most people, your metabolism works better if you eat nutritious foods more often in smaller quantities. In other words, you may wish to enjoy 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones


    10. Write a list of what you want to do, be and have – Celebrate and reward yourself and you see yourself manifesting these on a regular basis!

    Anything you can conceive and believe, that you can achieve!