Are You Experiencing the New Mom Syndrome?

    Does the following sound familiar? Before children, or “BC”, you were a relatively organized person. Now you regularly forget where you placed things. Upon walking in a room, you often wonder why. You tend to forget meetings, appointments – even what day it is. Previously you were punctual and now you consider yourself lucky if you are only a half-hour late.

    You find that after you change, feed, wash and clothe your baby, it is time to do it all over again until you are exhausted and ready for bed. It takes all day for you to shower, brush teeth, fix hair and get dressed – sometimes two days.

    You wonder if you are doing all the right things for your baby – after all, this child didn’t come with an instruction manual. You vigilantly check out every sound your little one makes. Then, if your baby is sleeping quietly, you worry and regularly creep into his room to see if he’s still breathing.

    Welcome to the club! You are now fully experiencing the NEW MOM SYNDROME! It is something many pregnant and new moms contract. The above are merely a few examples of the symptoms. One remedy is getting together with other new and expectant moms in a supportive, sharing environment where you will come to realize you are not alone. Here you can exchange stories and coping ideas. Another relief is knowing this is only a temporary condition. But wait! Be prepare….this will evolve into the EXPERIENCED MOM SYNDROME!

    Although the above is presented humorously, it contains much reality. It is intended to acknowledge the normal circumstances in mothers’ lives and

    Encourage you to get support from others whenever possible. Enjoy this challenging and wonderful time in your life!