New Resolutions, Again?

    Happy, Healthy New Year to you all! Here it is again, the time many people make new, or repeat old, resolutions. Is there something that shows up on your list over and over again? Every year did you use you same approach (without success)? Perhaps this year you could take an entirely new approach and get entirely new results! Here are some ideas that may help:

    • Write down a vivid description of your goals with details and dates
    • Imagine and "act as if" you have already accomplished it
    • Practice affirmations - positive "I" statements in the present tense
    • Write down obstacles that may arise and the actions you will take to overcome them
    • Get a friend or professional to support you in your quest
    • Note any resources that may assist you along the way
    • Reward and acknowledge your successes along your journey
    Remember Fitness is a journey not a destination "Enjoy the Trip!"