Personal Training Today

    Gone are the days when only the rich and famous had a Personal Trainer. We are all becoming more educated. We know physical activity helps us increase our energy, strength and self-esteem while decreasing excessive stress and risk of injury. Physical inactivity is today's fourth major risk factor for coronary heart disease along with cigarette smoke, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Through positive or negative motivation, many of us have been physically active.

    Where does a Personal Trainer fit in this picture? We know we should be active. We hope to achieve certain goals through exercise. What most of us don't know is if the exercise we are performing is appropriate for those goals. A competent Personal Trainer will perform a health and fitness evaluation and discuss goals. Based on this information, an individualized program is designed including steps towards the achievement of realistic goals. Literally and figuratively, every body is different. Read on to see how a trainer may benefit you.

    Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer

    • Achievement of the highest level of fitness with maximum safety
    • Those with a personal fitness trainer have a greater adherence rate to a fit lifestyle than those who do not
    • As the trainer knows you better, s/he will be able to provide just the right motivation as opposed to the general "you can do it" encouragement given to a group
    • Usually a trainer can schedule sessions for your convenience as opposed to classes which may be at a time you cannot attend
    • If you now frequent exercise classes or use an exercise video, a few sessions with a trainer will help you learn appropriate modifications for your specific needs

    Whether you just need a few sessions to "jump start" your program, need occasional motivational sessions or guidance every step of the way, consider how a Personal Trainer can help you achieve your fit lifestyle.