Stick To It!

    1. Vary Your Workouts

    Get a new perspective by hanging upside down! Simply bending at your waist and allowing your torso to hang over (knees bent of course) is a great way to boost energy and improve blood flow to the brain.

    2. Schedule Times / Days To Work Out

    For example: Exercise immediately after work, three times a week. Setting times to exercise will help you create a regular schedule while realistically reaching for your long and short term goals.

    3. Keep A Journal To Record Your Progress

    A journal is an effective motivational tool and a great way to see improvements. Studies show that ongoing record keeping can help you adhere to a regular exercise program.

    4. Include Activities That You Enjoy


    You don't always have to be in a structured exercise class. Biking, walking and golf are examples of leisure activities that also promote health and fitness.

    5. Set Realistic Goals

    Avoid setting yourself up for failure with unreachable expectations. Plan your program with realistic goals in mind, and then reassess and monitor your progress on an ongoing basis. Your goals should change as your fitness level does.

    6. Consider Working With A Certified Personal Trainer

    It's often easier to stick to an exercise program if a qualified fitness professional works with you, even for a short time, to help you develop a regimen specific to your particular needs. While some people prefer the ongoing guidance of three times a week others meet with a trainer once a month for a motivational boost and monthly fitness check up.

    7. Join A Gym

    But do some research first. Join a club that hires only certified trainers and instructors and is reputable. Tour several clubs and investigate their offerings before selecting yours.

    8. Progress Slowly

    Remember to gauge how you are feeling during exercise. The old adage "no pain, no gain" doesn't apply here. If it hurts, stop. Avoid doing too much too soon. This can help avoid injury and muscle soreness.

    9. Work Out With A Partner

    It can be more fun to exercise with a companion. Also, you're more apt to stick with your exercise regimen if you know someone is waiting and depending on you to do it.

    10. Reward Yourself

    Buy concert tickets or a new outfit after reaching your goals. Plus, take time to review your exercise calendar for well-earned "pats on the back".