Wellness Through the Holidays

    The holidays.... already?! Well, for some of us this starts with that sugary holiday, Halloween. For others, it's Thanksgiving or somewhere in between. How many years can we remember trying to get off the holiday pounds after the fact? Sometimes we were successful; sometimes we just kept on a little extra... Whether it's a weight concern or simply wanting more energy through the holiday season, how about planning your strategy now?

    Think of your overeating triggers. Do you eat food just because it is there or you're stressed or to have something to do with your hands. Move away from the food and hold a glass of water, tea or mineral water. Don't allow yourself to dig into holiday sweets when you are hungry. Eat something nutritious first. If you choose to eat sweets and high fat foods, make some conditions.

    1) Don't waste calories, only eats foods you think are extremely delicious - get picky.

    2) Precede your indulgence with a big glass of water. Then think again if you really love this food.

    3) Enjoy your treat in moderation, savoring every taste. Think about the flavor - something you can't do well when you are talking a lot.

    4) If you decide to eat a greater amount than normal, make a pact with yourself right then about the additional amount of activity you will do (and do it).

    Consider your inactivity triggers. Do you have such a busy schedule that you feel you have no time to exercise? Figure out ways to "sneak" movement into your day. Some Examples:

    1) Use your desk for pushups

    2) Lift and lower those holiday purchases a few times

    3) If you have access to stairs, make it a point of using them often

    4) Take 5-10 minute walk and stretch breaks throughout the day

    5) Meet a friend for a walk instead of lunch (or eat while you stroll)

    6) Tell others of your activity intentions so they can support you. (They will probably end up healthier as well.)

    Do you just forget to exercise?

    1) Schedule your workout in your appointment book and honor it as your best client.

    2) Make workout dates with friends.

    3) Sign up for a fun exercise class that will carry you through January of next year.

    4) Of course, you could hire a personal trainer to "firm up" your commitment.

    Feeling drained? Take time to relax and unwind with a bubble bath, massage or yoga class. You'll be re-energized and more productive after.

    Write down the potential obstacles to your success. Then note how you will get past them should they arise. Armed with this preparation, enjoy health and happiness throughout the holidays!