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    Release Date: 9/1/2006


    Universal Wellness New Developments

    Greetings Friends!

    It's so funny the comments I get from friends when talking about our move to Florida.  Most of the time I hear, "what about the alligators?", "what about the bugs?" and "aren't you afraid of the hurricanes?"  At first I'd try to use logic and explain that people encounter different faces of Nature wherever they live and we really don't have trouble with anything.  Then, I wanted them to understand that I would always be taken care of because that is the energy I put out to the Universe.  Now, my humorous side has taken over and I just want to agree with them how horrible it is and no one else would certainly want to live here.  Actually, all is still delightful for us in our Florida Paradise.  What are you putting out to the Universe?  If you'd like to live a more joyful life Universal Wellness Telephone Coaching might be a solution for you now.
    The Exchange List is still available to those interested.  I have a list of various books, tapes and CDs.  Just e-mail me if you'd like a current copy.  If you see anything you like, I send it to you in exchange for various things like a referral, a blessing, a fruit & veggie gummy order, dark chocolate….
    You may wonder why there is information in this on so many topics, business, finance, real estate and such.  For many years, part of my service was being a referral source.  Wellness is being healthy in all areas of life, physically, spiritually, business-wise and such.  I have an excellent network of people who can assist you and will continue to provide information in as many ways as possible.  Check out this month's Professional Highlight.  This month features my friend, Zahid Qureshi, who not only teaches unique ways of dealing with real estate, he excels in personal development as well.  Enjoy.

    Love & Light,

    Self Care Check

    "Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way." - Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

    Have you ever put off until "some day…" putting more joy in your life, taking care of your health, going on that dream vacation, telling someone how much they mean to you?  Is it when the kids grow up, when the bills are paid, when you get caught up on your to do list?  If you really think about it, are you putting off truly living your life?  Today is your day!  Take some action.  Shake things up in your world.  Have some fun ~ don't settle for the same routine any more.  You deserve to enjoy life.

    Speaking of fun and taking care of your health, I will be offering those fun, fitness balls for a limited amount of time.  The 55cm Balls (suitable for most folks 61"-66") are $35.  The 65cm Balls (for those about 67"-71") are $45.  These are high quality, burst-resistant, pearl colored balls.  Hand pumps are $5.  I will just charge whatever my actual shipping charges are.  If you are interested, please e-mail me.Just sitting on one will help improve your posture!

    Getting Around Our Country

    I don't know who started this PowerPoint presentation on the internet but am very grateful for it.  It is a little long so I suggest viewing when you have time to enjoy it.  This could be a powerful meditation or beautiful stress reducer.

    Click Here

    For Grins & Giggles


    Did You Know…?

    ….that Cats can enjoy swimming?  A wonderful friend of mine, Mary Ellen, was recently featured in the news with her amazing swimming cats.  She writes a column, "Pet Tips and Tales".  Be sure to also check out Mary Ellen's online newsletter, Angelscribe.

    More in the news, “With Fruits and Veggies, More Matters”…For the complete article from Web Md, click here.  Sure glad I get enough thanks to my Fruit & Veggie Capsules!

    Zahid Qureshi Teacher, Consultant, Business Management and Multi-unit Investments, Personal Coach and Life Handling Expert.

    Communication is a very precise subject and there is an exact formula goes with it.  It's not sent out in a generalized manner so it hits anything at random.  One does not communicate to masses.  One has somebody to communicate with.  And as some wise person said, "Communication is a universal solvent", so therefore we come to the starting point for the resolution of any problem, personal or business.
    If one sees the above data in its purity one can also see that it's sweeping.  Is it too simple?  We hope so, truth is always simple.  So, how come we missed it?  The answer is simple:  You cannot just be vaguely aware of truth and not dig deep as to its ramifications and what it has to do with life, your life.  We are talking about formulation of the correct technical know-how based on observable truth that can be applied and is applied, to change things for the better.

    Now we are looking at a new viewpoint, aren't we?  From this point one can develop a methodology that will handle any part of life.  This would certainly include business and personal life, marriage, children, study, drug abuse, crime, happiness and simply everything life throws at us.

    All are invited to explore these horizons.  Come join the fun and may you never be the same.

    Zahid Qureshi, Executive Director of Citi Development Corporation, can be reached at 516-783-0677 or info@citi-development.com  Find out more about services available at www.citi-development.com

    A Different Sit-Up

    Many of you know by now the importance of core strengthening.  Toning your trunk muscles improves your posture, protects your back and helps you perform your everyday movements more easily.

    More safe and effective than a traditional sit-up is the "crunch".  Crunches are performed in various ways and here is a great one to start with.  Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.  Hands can be on your abdomen to monitor your activity.  Now pull your abdominal muscles down as strongly as possible.  Staying wide across the chest, lift your head and shoulders only as high as you can without allowing those abs to rise like bread under your hands.  Pause at the top for a slow 1-2 count then slowly lower.  Repeat as long as you can maintain good form.  If you can do 20, e-mail me,  you need a more advanced version!