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    Release Date: 12/1/2006


    Universal Wellness New Developments

    Seasons Greetings My Friends!

    We are here smack dab in the middle of so many holidays.  Are you having fun?  We have so many choices! Are you making choices to be overextended, stressed and lacking in the self care department?  Or are you saying "no" to honor yourself, participating only in activities you truly enjoy and sharing your gifts with the world in ways that bring you joy as well?  Just remember, you are in charge of your life!

    As I look at many of the motivational and life coaching programs being promoted these days, I see many gimmicks to draw folks in.  After taking away all the bells and whistles, what are you left with?  Many programs do offer amazing values, others, I wonder…..  With Universal Wellness Telephone Coaching we together go straight to your dreams, goals and challenges.  Without a whole lot of stories and excuses, you begin to shift and start living a life more in line with your desires.

    The Exchange List is still available to those interested.  I have a list of various books, tapes and CDs.  Just e-mail me if you'd like a current copy.  If you see anything you like, I send it to you in exchange for various things like a referral, a blessing, a fruit & veggie gummy order, dark chocolate….Many thanks to all who have participated for all your gifts.  Life is so much fun!
    Peace & Joy to You and Yours,

    Self Care Check

    "Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way." - Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss)
    Have you ever put off until "some day…" putting more joy in your life, taking care of your health, going on that dream vacation, telling someone how much they mean to you?  Is it when the kids grow up, when the bills are paid, when you get caught up on your to do list?  If you really think about it, are you putting off truly living your life?  Today is your day!  Take some action.  Shake things up in your world.  Have some fun ~ don't settle for the same routine any more.  You deserve to enjoy life.

    Speaking of fun and taking care of your health, I will be offering those fun, fitness balls for a limited amount of time.  The 55cm Balls (suitable for most folks 61"-66") are $35.  The 65cm Balls (for those about 67"-71") are $45.  These are high quality, burst-resistant, pearl colored balls.  Hand pumps are $5.  I will just charge whatever my actual shipping charges are.  If you are interested, please e-mail me info@universalwellness.us Just sitting on one will help improve your posture!

    Inspiration Corner


    Those of you who know me well know that I am not religious (follower of a structured religion) but am deeply spiritual.  A friend of mine, Jessica Fish, who does Spiritual Marketing, gave me the link to www.prayerworld.com.  By the way, you can find out more about what spiritual marketing is by looking up Jessica in the Universal Wellness Resource Section under Business Consulting. Back to PrayerWorld…..I sent them a brief e-mail asking them to keep my 18 year old son in their prayers as he chose to join the Marines.  Not expecting anything back, I was totally surprised at the response I received.  While your prayers may sound a little different, this one was very much what resonated with me at the time.  Please enjoy their prayer for me with Love...

    I love all people and all people love me, without attachment. Divine Love is doing its perfect work in me and through me now. I call on Divine Love to heal all my relationships now. I call on Divine Love to straighten out and adjust all situations now. Love melts situations that seem impossible.  Yes, it is true. Love melts situations that seem impossible. Divine love is doing its perfect work in all situations now. All persons are expressions of divine love; therefore, I can meet with nothing but the expressions of Divine Love. Divine Love prospers me now.

    I am the love of the Infinite Divine in expression, I let Divine Love guide, direct, and inspire me.  The Infinite Presence's love in me is drawing to me new ideas, new courage, and visible daily supply.  I praise divine love that there is a strong, wise way out of all dilemmas. Divine Love expressing through me, now draws to me all that is needed to make me happy and my life complete.
    I walk in the charmed circle of the Infinite Power's love, and I am divinely irresistible to my highest good now. Everything is really full of love for me. The good that is for me loves me as much as I love it. The good that is for me seeks me and will come flying to me as I see that what I love is love Itself.  All people will change when I know that they are love.  I shall change toward all people when I know that I am formed out of love.  All is love.  There is nothing in the entire universe but love.

    Everything is really full of love for me, including all people. The good that is for me in my situation loves me, as much as I love it.  The good that is for me in this matter now seeks me, and comes flying to me as I behold this situation with love. Divine Love is doing its perfect work here and now. Divine Love harmonizes, divine love adjusts, and Divine Love prospers.  Divine Love foresees everything and richly provides every good thing for this household now.  Divine Love is now victorious!
    I now attract my good that I desire in my life now.  I am a perfect expression of love. I am a radiating center of love. I find that love now. I am a divine magnet for love. Divine Love has changed my whole world. My heart is full of Divine Love. I am divinely irresistible.
    The more I talk about love, the stronger it grows in the consciousness, and if I persist in thinking loving thoughts and speaking loving words, I am sure to bring into my experience the feeling of that great love that is beyond description -
                                  the very love of the Universe…
    I trust love to get me out of my difficulties.  There is nothing too hard for love to accomplish for me. I have nothing to fear. Love always neutralizes fear. I put my full confidence in love.
    I live by the law of love and love is now victorious. I fully and freely forgive.  I loosen and let go.  I cast all judgments, resentments, criticism, and unforgiveness upon the Divine within, to be dissolved and healed.  The prospering truth has set me free to meet my rich good and to share my good with others!
    I freely forgive, I let go. Only good has come from my experience. I now release and bless my experience.  Divine Love is adjusting my life and its problems. Realizing this, I abide in peace. 
    I create heaven on earth. The Divine in me now frees me from all limitation.  I am the resurrection and the life. My body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within me. My holy spirit is the very spirit of God.  I glorify God within my body. Through the power of the Divine in me, my life is as wonderful as I want it to be. Through the power of the Divine in me, my life is as wonderful as I want it to be.
    Through the power of the Divine within me, my life is as wonderful as I want it to be! I pour out upon my body temple the oil of love and clothe it in garments of praise.  I say this for my goodness sake.  And I give thanks that I am great - great with infinite Divinity!
    And so It is. Amen

    Thank you,

    For Grins & Giggles


    Did You Know…?


    Do you want to discover a SECRET as well?

    you to help Ian Croz CREATE HISTORY. He is aiming to get as many people as he can to smile on the same day:

    DECEMBER 9th 2006
    It's called 'The INTERNATIONAL DAY OF SMILES' :-)

    It is REAL: You can read about it at www.dayofsmiles.com. Here is why you should spread this information to as many people as possible: If everyone who receives this passes it on, it could involve millions of people, and change their lives.

    And here is the SECRET:

    The 'International Day of Smiles' was based on a simple de-stress exercise called WORRY FREE ISLAND. It showed that the simple act of smiling was very beneficial to the giver and the receiver.

    We hoped to find a REAL ISLAND as a prize to encourage people to take part in this day of smiles, but without any 'commercial' aspects.

    AND WE DID! WE FOUND A TROPICAL ISLAND. A man, Martin Thomas, loves the idea of this day of smiles so much that he has donated a week's vacation on his Caribbean island. Two lucky people will win a luxury vacation on this beautiful Island www.little-eden-cay.com  Entry details are on the website

    www.dayofsmiles.com .


    At the www.dayofsmiles.com website you will also get ideas of how you can actively join in the fun and get everyone you know involved. PLUS you can also vote on your favorite Smiling Celebrity. We encourage you to get your children involved and help them learn the true value of happiness.

    Be assured that this is being done for the sole reason to get people smiling and there is no commercial aspect to it at all.

    Thank you for your help.

    Abundance to All
    Croz from OZ

    Professional Highlight
    Kelli Calabrese MS, CSCS Personal Trainer

    Commit to Get Fit - 10 Ways!

    Have you ever noticed when you truly decide to do something, you become relentless about it and pursue it at all costs until you attain it?  Maybe you wanted to attain a college degree or buy a certain car or travel to a particular place.  To decide in Latin (desidre) means to cut off, or to not accept any other outcome except to succeed.  Yet how many Sunday nights have you decided to start exercising only to roll over and hit the snooze button on Monday morning?  So, where is the disconnect between deciding to exercise and actually doing it regularly?

    If you are stuck in a non exercise rut it means you have no power. You know you should exercise but unless you get the momentum going, your commitment has no energy and neither do you.  Commitment is your foundation to change.  It's the difference between knowing and doing.  The definition of commitment according to Webster's Dictionary is:
    an agreement or pledge to do something in the future; b : the state or an instance of being obligated or emotionally impelled.  Commitment therefore is your foundation to transformation.  So how can you go from knowing to doing?  Here are 10 ways.

    1. Project into the future and visualize how you will look and feel in 3 months if continue on the path you are on right now.  Then visualize in detail how you will look and feel in 3 months if you begin a regular exercise program today.  Keep the future in the front of your mind.  
    2. Figure out what matters most to you.  If you truly want to have a fit body, cut out thoughts of the old you.  The past does not equal the future.  You can only affect the present decisions you make.  Your body is an amazing organism that responds to both positive and negative stimulus (exercise or sedentary lifestyle) every day.  The choice is completely yours.  Exercise is not something anyone can do for you.
    3.  Have commitment in areas that matter the most. If your health and fitness are a priority to you, keep you exercise appointments the same way you would keep a doctors appointment or a parent teacher conference. Know you are worth the 20 - 60 minutes you take for exercise.  Keep fitness high on your priority list.
    4.  Catch yourself before you steer away.  For example, if you miss one workout, don't make it two. Immediately plan to get in your next exercise session regardless of life's events. You will feel so much better if you do, versus the guilt you will carry around if you don't exercise.  When two missed sessions becomes three, the weeks then become months, making it more challenging to build momentum again.
    5. Look for evidence that your workouts are working. Notice that you are moving better, posture is improved, you are feeling less bloated, pants are getting loose, energy is up, metabolism is kicking in and you are attaining a firmer, fitter more defined body.  Continue to reinforce the positive results by engaging in regular exercise.  
    6. No matter how far "gone" you feel, get up and get moving!  It doesn't matter that you have not exercised in weeks, months or years or that you had 3 slices of pizza and chocolate cake for dinner last night. What matters is that every day you have a new opportunity to make improvements in your body. It's never too late. Even at 90 years old, you can build muscle and get stronger.  
    7. Commit without judgment. This is not a race or a competition. This is your life. Do your very best each workout and each meal.  Discipline is an important success building component. Just the fact that you are getting up and exercising even if some days are not as intense as others is both important and effective.  
    8. Be true to yourself about your lack of commitment. You are only fooling yourself if you are justifying missed exercise sessions. You make the decision to exercise (or not to) emotionally and then justify it logically.  Of course your life is full and demanding, but wouldn't you be better able to handle all of life's events in a fit and strong body?
    9. When you miss an exercise session, it affects other people!  I'll say that again!!!  When you miss an exercise session, it affects other people.  When you don't exercise, the rest of your day, you have guilt on your shoulders. You will then feel guilty or even angry with yourself.  Since your mind can only hold one thought at a time, that anger and guilt reflect your actions throughout your day. Maybe your husband, child or co-worker gets to feel or see the end result of your not exercising. Maybe it comes out at drive through or in a bar after work.  On the other hand, performing your exercise routine can have very positive effects on your entire day and everyone in it.
    10. Missing your workout creates darkness in your life. That darkness expands, disempowers and grows.  It disempowers you and pushes your energy down. Some people get so far pushed down that they need medication. Coming back to your senses and getting your body moving is always the positive way to turn your body and life around. 

    You have options to live your life in the present or in a story filled with excuses as to why you are not where you want to be physically. Exercise moves you closer to leading a fulfilled life. Get unstuck today!  Shift your vision to being a person who exercises regularly and feels great most all of the time.  Get rid of the blame and the fault and become the cause rather than the effect of your life.  Choose to express your good genes and be responsible for your own body.  Life is a conscious choice or an unconscious accident.  Bring your commitment to the conscious level.  Remember that what you resist persists.  Commitment is a matter of choice.  Practice, practice, practice.  Change how you view exercise and focus on the outcomes and what exercise can bring to your life.  When you want to quit, stay!  It builds character and will help your body and life transform.  Commitment to exercise is a practice.  Share it with someone and help them get fit too.

    Kelli Calabrese MS, CSCS 2004 Personal Trainer of the Year. Kelli is an exercise physiologist, personal trainer, lifestyle coach and certified nutrition specialist.  She is committed to helping people make health, fitness and wellness a permanent and positive part of their lives. Kelli is the author of Feminine, Firm & Fit - Building a Lean Strong Body in 12 weeks.  Kelli is available for Phone Coaching, online training, iPod workouts, writing, speaking and also limited Personal Training and grocery shopping tours in the Dallas area.  For more information about Kelli, go to www.KelliCalabrese.com or e-mail Kelli@KelliCalabrese.com 

    Spotlight Exercise
    The Bridge

    This is a terrific one for abs, gluts (rear) and more!  You are lying on your back with your knees bent and feet are flat on the floor.  Be sure your feet are parallel to each other and about hipbone distance apart.  Scooch (is that a word?) your feet as close to your rear as you can without anything hurting. 

    Now keeping your feet flat on the floor and pressing into the "insides" of your feet, tighten your rear and press toward the ceiling.  Until you build up enough strength, you may not be able to clear the floor yet with your rear.  This is fine and you are getting a lot of benefit from tightening the muscles involved in that move alone.  It is very important not to overdo!  Hold in the "up" position for 5 to 30 seconds depending on your fitness level.  Remember to breathe throughout.  As always, if you need a more advanced version, please e-mail me michelle@universalwellness.us

    You have my permission and thanks for forwarding this newsletter to friends and colleagues whom you feel would benefit from its contents.  They may subscribe (at no cost) by entering their information on my website homepage.