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    Inspiration from Universal Wellness

    Release Date: 7/1/2007


    Universal Wellness New Developments

    Happy Summer!

    For those who know me well, you know I think everything is all perfect in this game we call life.  However, some use "perfection" in a way that could make their life experience less than fun.  When perfectionism causes you stress and intolerance of others, you may wish to reconsider it.  Check out our Professional Highlight, Kate Larsen, as she expands on the topic.  By the way, she's the one who suggested I put a picture of me flying on the trapeze on my website.
    For those in the Venice, Florida area...starting in August,  I will be teaching classes Mondays and Tuesdays at Serenity Gardens Wellness Center.  They are "Everyday Stretching for Everyday Folks" and "Transformational Relaxation".  If interested, please e-mail for details.

    Love & Light,


    Self Care Check

    Recognize your successes.  As children we loved rewards and the kid inside us still loves them.  Although achieving a goal is a huge reward in itself, sometimes it helps to add to the accomplishment.  Keep an ongoing list of rewards ranging from no monetary expense to a real splurge.  Below are examples.  Use them as appropriate to reward the goals you have reached.

    Call Someone Special
    Take A Bubble Bath
    Do Nothing
    Watch The Moon & Stars Come Out
    Day Dream
    Light A Fragrant Candle
    Give Yourself A Compliment
    Hug Someone
    Buy Roses
    Take Yourself To Lunch
    Try A New Food
    Make Something Out Of Play-Dough
    Get A New Tape Or CD
    Take A Nap
    Look At Old Photos
    Do Something You've Always Wanted To Do
    Learn Something New
    Fly A Kite
    Take A Spa Vacation
    Start A New Project
    Write A Poem
    Have Breakfast In Bed
    Reread Your Favorite Book
    Take Fun Drive
    Let Someone Do You A Favor
    Buy A Ticket For A Special Event
    Curl Up With Some Cocoa
    Lie On The Grass
    Get A Massage
    Surprise A Child
    Go Dancing
    Get A New Outfit
    Blow Bubbles
    Give Yourself A Balloon
    Go Wading
    Bake Cookies
    Smell A Flower
    Kiss Someone
    Go To The Library
    Spent Time With A Pet
    Sign Up For A Class For Fun
    Get Pictures Taken
    Walk Barefoot
    Go For A Swim
    Build A Sand Castle
    Listen To Music
    Search Out A Long -Lost Friend
    Enjoy The Sunset/Sunrise
    Pop Popcorn
    Visit A Friend
    Frame A Picture
    Enjoy The Silence
    Visit A Toy Store
    Buy Some Jewelry
    Redecorate Your Room/Kitchen
    Walk On The Beach
    Have fun reaching your goals and rewarding your efforts!

    Order pages to get you started!  Pack of Reward Pages (Approximately 3 3/4" x 6 3/4") for 3 ring notebook > $7.25 first pack ONLY $5.00 each add'l pack in same shipment (Great for sharing with friends).  For ORDERING information, e-mail info@universalwellness.us with your request.

    Inspiration Corner
    "Thoughts" by Giuditta Tornetta

    I am a drop of the ocean
    Place me under a microscope and see that I contain all that the ocean is in its entirety
     I am one individual drop
    The one who might reach the furthest as I wash ashore
    The one who might splash on the hand of a child frolicking at the beach
    The one who might touch the sky on the fin of a dolphin
    I am simply a drop
    but I have within me the power of the Tsunami,
    the ability to transport sustenance and commerce,
    the privilege of providing fun and joy.
    I am a drop of the ocean
    And I can be transformed from ocean drop to rain drop
    To water the soil and become plant
    To rush with the river Nile and cascade in the Niagara falls
    To quench your thirst and become body
    To be blessed and become holy
    I am just a drop of the ocean
    Giuditta Tornetta is a Doula, Author and Hypnotherapist ~
    Find her in the UW Resources

    For Grins & Giggles
    Exercise is a dirty word...


    Did You Know...?
    A Way to Improve your Financial Health~

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    Professional Highlight

    Kate Larsen ~ Professionally Certified Coach, Speaker, Author & Personal Fitness Trainer aka
    Wife, Mother of 3, Entrepreneur & Lover of Life

    Kate Larsen has been impacting working professionals since 1989 encouraging, training, and coaching them on how to take an integrated approach to health, fitness and leader effectiveness. Her goal is to support people who want to be physically, emotionally and spiritually fit while loving their work. Kate provides programming which emphasizes simple, actionable behavior change. Her practical tools and emotional training work make change sustainable. Kate's ability to teach, speak and coach effectively comes from her experience as an addictions counselor, professional speaker, professionally certified business and life coach, certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

    Life Is a Journey: Taking Time to Enjoy the View

    If you want to change your life for the better, it's important to embrace positive attitudes and create the habit of using them to direct your choices every day. One healthy attitude to develop is seeing life as a journey. Each of us experiences the journey in our own unique way. Just as every runner in a race notices different scenery, connects with various people, and finishes with various times. The journey is important. Your journey matters because of what you notice, who you impact, and the legacy you leave.

    In June 2000, my husband and I and another couple headed to Duluth, Minnesota, to run our annual half-marathon. I wanted to run this race differently than in the past when my only goal was to finish as quickly as possible. I wanted to look around more and enjoy the people more this time. The last time all I had on my mind was the finish line. I bolted out, with my head down, and just plugged along. It was Kelli, my running buddy, who commented on all the wonderful people and support along the way. After the race, she said, "Did you see that family that came out with banners and decorations for us? How about the small band of guys playing along the road, wasn't that just great? That one group with the blankets, chairs, masks, and cold beers were a stitch, weren't they?" Cold beer.  Did she say somebody had cold beer? I missed that too!

    I realized that in my focus-on-the-finish attitude, I skipped looking around and just ran to the end, and then I thoroughly enjoyed my surroundings. I realized a simple shift of looking up and around, even periodically, would have changed the experience for me. I suspect that I thought if I looked up and around, enjoying the run, I'd slow down too much and perform badly. In truth, slowing down would have made my experience richer.

    So, this time I decided I was going to look around more. I was determined to search out cool people and things to tell Kelli about. When the gun went off, I ran with my head up, taking in the sights. Much to my delight and surprise at the race's end, I not only collected some great sights and stories, but I also improved my time by seven minutes!

    Life is a journey. We can put our heads down and plow through all the responsibilities, challenges, and activities and miss the good stuff, or we can take a look around and enjoy the journey. Having fun along the path of life does not mean you lose all intensity. It simply means you know when to lighten up and when to put the blinders on.

    I had no intention of winning the race. Only a small handful cared about my race time. So why did I previously miss all those sights and sounds? Because I didn't choose to look around before I set out. I chose to finish as fast as I could just so I could be done with the race. I was solely focused on finishing. I decided to expand my focus for the race so it became a richer, more fun experience. I needed to intentionally include looking around in my list of what I wanted out of the race.

    View life as a journey. This is a great perspective to keep.  If at the end of your life you want to be remembered for the difference you made in people's lives, you'll need to slow down and intentionally look to see where you can serve and have an impact. It takes time to connect with people on an intellectual and/or heart level. We tend to get caught up in checking off the to-dos because there's a sense of completion in that. Yet, the ultimate loss comes from not enjoying the journey made rich because of the relationships we share, nurture, and grow. Relationships grow deeper in the slower moments of life.

    Excerpt from Progress Not Perfection: Your Journey Matters
    by Kate Larsen ( Expert Publishing Inc.: 2007 )
    Available at amazon.com

    So what about you? Consider your pace these last few weeks.
    What joys may you have missed out on? What is one thing you
    will do differently today or this week which will enable you
    to enjoy your journey-one day at a time.  Today is a great
    day to start.

    Kate Larsen, PCC
    Email:  kate@katelarsen.com
    Web:  http://www.katelarsen.com
    Author of Progress Not Perfection: Your Journey Matters
    Executive coach for The Ken Blanchard Companies
    Faculty, advisor, mentor and executive coach for Wellcoaches Corp.

    Spotlight Exercise
    You Too Can Belly Dance!

    Ok, so maybe that thought never entered your mind.  The following are some movements I've adapted from belly dancing.  They are excellent exercises for toning the abdomen, improving digestion and other organ function.  For ladies, this may be the magic to relieve those cramps.

    Here we go.  Back lying with knees bent, place soles of the feet on floor.  Using your abdominal muscles, do your best imitation of a Ferris Wheel.  Pull your abdominals back to your spine, down to your tailbone, down, around and up to your navel.  As you move up the belly, it is more or a pushing out move that rounds your abdomen.  Continue moving the work up toward the rib cage, up and then down around the back again.  Do not be concerned at all if your "Ferris wheel" is not particularly round.  Just do the best you can with your muscles and imagine the circular travel.

    After you've done 2 or 3 complete revolutions (if your brain isn't too tired), reverse your direction for 2 or 3 more.  Enjoy the ride!

    As always, if you need a more advanced version, please e-mail me michelle@universalwellness.us