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    Release Date: 10/1/2007


    Universal Wellness New Developments

    Dear Friends,

    For many people, the arrival of October signals the beginning of the "Holiday Season".  I hope you enjoy Self Care Check below for some healthy holiday ideas.

    By the way, for those who didn't really think it was me from that little photo on the trapeze, there is now a short video clip for your entertainment on the About Us page.  While I have improved a bit since that video, I still don't know how to return to the bar since we haven't had a catcher for many months.  It's still wild fun and I hope you all have something fun and adventurous in your life as well!

    Recently I rented from Blockbuster a phenomenal movie that I recommend to you wholeheartedly.  "The Peaceful Warrior" (2006) is based on a real life story.  It's like a modern day "Karate Kid" but taken to the next spiritual level.  I enjoy movies that are inspiring and remind me of ways I want to live my life but occasionally forget.  I get to see these kind of movies every month with my subscription to The Spiritual Cinema Circle and so can you!  Speaking of which, I am giving away  The Spiritual Cinema Circle's Volume 6, 2007 by drawing.  To be eligible, entries must be complete and received by October 31.  Just reply to this newsletter e-mail or send your reply to info@universalwellness.us Please answer 3 questions: 1) How often do you read e-mails/newsletters sent from Universal Wellness?  2) How much of the content do you read?  3) What do you find most valuable from our information?  Please include your complete address, e-mail address and phone number.  Thank you in advance and I would say "Good Luck"…but I know better   :)

    Love & Light,


    Self Care Check
    Wellness Through the Holidays

    The holidays.... already?!  Well, for some of us this starts with that sugary holiday, Halloween.  For others, it's Thanksgiving or somewhere in between.  How many years can we remember trying to get off the holiday pounds after the fact?  Sometimes we were successful; sometimes we just kept on a little extra...  Whether it's a weight concern or simply wanting more energy through the holiday season, how about planning your strategy now?

    Think of your overeating triggers.  Do you eat food just because it is there or you're stressed or to have something to do with your hands.  Move away from the food and hold a glass of water, tea or mineral water.  Don't allow yourself to dig into holiday sweets when you are hungry.  Eat something nutritious first.  If you choose to eat sweets and high fat foods, make some conditions.
    1) Don't waste calories, only eat foods you think are extremely delicious - get picky.
    2) Precede your indulgence with a big glass of water.  Then ask yourself again if you really love this food.
    3) Enjoy your treat in moderation, savoring every taste.  Think about the flavor - something you can't do well when you are talking a lot. 
    4) If you decide to eat a greater amount than normal, make a pact with yourself right then about the additional amount of activity you will do.

    Consider your inactivity triggers.  Do you have such a busy schedule that you feel you have no time to exercise?  Figure out ways to "sneak" movement into your day.  Some Examples:
    1) Use your desk for pushups
    2) Lift and lower those holiday purchases a few times
    3) If you have access to stairs, make it a point of using them often
    4) Take 5-10 minute walk and stretch breaks throughout the day
    5) Meet a friend for a walk instead of lunch (or eat while you stroll) 
    6) Tell others of your activity intentions so they can support you.  (They will probably end up healthier as well.)

    Do you just forget to exercise? 
    1) Schedule your workout in your appointment book and honor it as your best client. 
    2) Make workout dates with friends. 
    3) Sign up for a fun exercise class that will carry you through January of next year.
    4) Of course, this could be the perfect time to experience the Magic of Telephone Wellness Coaching!

    Feeling drained?  Take time to relax and unwind with a bubble bath, massage or yoga class.  You'll be re-energized and more productive after.

    Write down the potential obstacles to your success.  Then note how you will get past them should they arise.  Armed with this preparation, enjoy health and happiness throughout the holidays!

    Inspiration Corner

    A Gift from an Angel
    Today, you will receive a gift from an angel.  A precious gift that you can use every day for the rest of your life.

    Take a deep breath in, and then release it and let yourself drift down until you are completely relaxed.

    See now that there are two angels hovering in the air before you.  They are bright and beautiful, their white gowns fluttering gently from the breeze created by their slowly moving wings.

    The angel on the left comes forward.  She holds out a golden silk net and asks you to put into it all of your burdens from the past.  And so now, do this.  Give her the burdens of regret that you are carrying on your back, all of the things you wish you had done differently.  Give her the disappointments and frustrations when you did not receive what you needed and desired.  Hand it all over and feel yourself lighten. 

    And now, reach into your heart and remove the heavy stones of unforgiveness, every bit of blame and anger that lodges there, deep in your heart.  Remove these stones and put them into her silken net.  Feel your heart lighten.    

    Now the angel on the right comes forward.  She also holds out a golden silk net and asks you to put into it all of your fears of the future.  Take every worry and anxiety and give it to her.  Remove every doubt about your abilities to handle what may come and put them into her net.  Take your fear of the imagined future and hand it over.

    And now the two angels fly to the heavens with their golden silk nets, full of your burdens, doubts and fears.  They hold them up to the light where they are instantly transmuted into love.  

    And a gentle rain begins to fall on you, a rain of pure and cleansing love.  Your burdens have been accepted by the light and completely resolved within it.
    And now you are deeply blessed with love.

    It flows and flows, soothing and purifying.  You are showered with love and peace as the angels sing.  

    And now you feel completely cleansed, completely whole.

    A third angel appears before you, brighter and bigger than the other two, her wings made of glowing light.  She is holding an ancient and beautiful box of rosewood inlaid with gold and silver, etched with symbols that somehow seem familiar to you.  

    She opens the box and you see a great light within, a light your mind instantly yearns for.  She dips a wand into the box and pulls out the light on the tip of her wand.  Slowly, she then lifts the wand toward your forehead.  

    She pauses, looks into your eyes and asks permission to give you this great gift.  You nod your head.  Yes, yes, you will accept this gift. 

    And so, she touches the wand to your forehead.

    The minute the light touches your forehead, your mind is filled with peaceful silence.  It is full and delicious, satisfying, a silence unlike any you have ever experienced, a silence thick with peace and love.  A silence so deep and so wide, so bright and full, that all thought recedes.

    And the light within your mind is growing brighter and brighter, as you begin to see that silence begets silence and that even one drop of silence from the angel's wand can cause a brighter and brighter silence to envelop your mind, filling it so that the old ways of being and thinking have no home within your pure and sparkling mind.

    And as she closes the box, the glowing silence remains in your mind, peaceful and serene.

    And now she hands these gifts to you, the box of glowing silence and the wand to pull it out and place it in your mind.  These are yours to keep.  These are yours to have forever.  And as you open the box, you see that it has been refilled with glowing light, and you know in your heart that this will ever be so.

    If the light of silence in your own mind begins to dim, if old shadows begin to fill it, you can simply open your rosewood box, inlaid with the symbols of silence, dip in the wand, touch it to your forehead and instantly your mind will be filled with peace, glowing with silence, and your heart will have the space and time it needs to send healing love throughout your entire body.

    Ah, what a great gift this angel has given you, the gift of silence, a treasure beyond all imagining, and the power to give it to yourself whenever you choose.

    The above beautiful inspiration is by Carrie Hart ~
    For more about her uplifting work….


    For Grins & Giggles

    Asian Animals (Be sure to notice the seal working on it's abs!)

    watch 5 minute video

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    Professional Highlight

    Jan Masters, M.Ed., Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Author, Speaker, Also Wife, Mother, Photographer, Traveler, Life Adventurer

    Since 1978 Jan has spent thousands of hours teaching her clients how to think differently, process deeply and expand into more successful ways of being, working and living. Her work with The Law of Attraction emphasizes the importance of accessing joy and gratitude to make your dreams come true.

    Jan's passion is supporting people who are ready to experience balance, harmony and fulfillment in all areas of their lives. Her compassionate understanding of her clients and their needs comes from twenty years as a highly successful psychotherapist in private practice, and the past ten years as a life coach.  She knows that change on a deep, emotional, vibrational level means lasting change, and she uses a variety of practical and intuitive approaches and tools to facilitate that change in her clients.

    Relationship Magic
    © Janice Masters 2004

    "My REAL job is to love!" That's what the bumper sticker on the car in front of me said.  I smiled broadly as I silently thanked the driver of the car for the priceless reminder.

    Every one of us has a very deep need for what master therapist, the late Carl Rogers, called "unconditional positive regard". The Buddhists call it "unconditional friendliness toward oneself and others"…. and we thrive on it. It is music to our souls.  And it's hard for us to truly blossom into who we are meant to be without it.

    But, we say, how can we just love and praise and offer this positive regard, just because someone is on the planet? Don't they have to have done something, or be something, to deserve it, to earn it?  We may feel uncomfortable offering it freely, afraid that by offering it, we are giving permission to be 'less than acceptable'. We couldn't be more wrong!

    By offering what we feel is not earned, we affirm the worth of the person to whom we offer it. The unconditional offering says "I see the essence of you. And you are good. Period."

    When we begin to shift into this way of viewing and thinking about others, we actually begin to see and experience directly, their goodness, and inevitably, our own in a way we hadn't previously-because WE INTEND TO SEE IT. What a powerful intention to hold!

    It is as if we are seeing with new eyes-- the eyes of the heart. The heart doesn't care about bad moods, dirty clothes on the floor, not enough money, a bad report card. The heart sees through all that, to the essential goodness of the loved one. 

    It thrills the heart to finally be free to simply love without reservation. The judging ego will challenge us every step of the way with approval/disapproval thoughts and fear thoughts, but the heart is constant, and once it's open it will keep reminding us of its nature, which is simply to love.

    It feels better than anything else to love. It raises our vibration like nothing else can. And that is when Relationship Magic begins to happen. The magic is that we begin to see how our loved ones bloom and flourish in the presence of our unconditional love.  They-and we-are nourished by the words, and the sense, and the feeling of being loved, valued, and appreciated.

    The delicious paradox is that as we apply the magic of love to all of our relationships, our loved ones actually become more open to the gentle opinions we offer that may be helpful to them as they navigate their lives. The other thing that is so important to acknowledge, is that once we stop the flow of criticism and begin to listen, we will hear our loved ones telling us exactly what they need from us: just believe in me, please trust me, I just want us to get along, I only want to be close to you, please just love me through this difficult time, tell me I'm a wonderful person.

    The willingness to do those things is a pivotal step toward making love the centerpiece of our relationships. And then, the experience of how wonderful it feels to allow love to flow will guide us the rest of the way as we finally get to relax into doing our REAL job-the one we were born to do.
    That's magic in my book! How will YOU do your REAL job today?
    Janice Masters, M.Ed. is the author of WHAT IF…? Questions To Transform Your Life and several more forthcoming books in this series.  She's the creator of Transform With What If, an online Course for your spiritual growth and evolution.

    Jan is available for coaching in her Miami, Florida office and via the phone. She is also available for corporate coaching, consulting and speaking.

    For more information on Jan and her work:
    On the web:  www.EverydayJoy.com and www.AdoptionInTheLight.com
    Email:   jan@everydayjoy.com
    Phone:  305-273-7736.

    Spotlight Exercise

    "Stick-'em-Up!"  STRETCH  

    During much of the day, many of us are in forward or rounded upper body postures.  This causes many problems due to poor oxygen supply to the brain and poor spinal alignment.  It also results in overstretched upper back muscles and, in the front, tightness in the chest and shoulder areas.  Here's a move to do periodically throughout the day to help alleviate these problems.

    Stand with back to wall feet comfortably away from wall - approximately 6-10 inches.  Try to place, without forcing, the back (not top) of your head against a wall.  Your shoulder blade area should be against the wall as well as your rear.  You may be aware of space between the wall and your low back which is fine.  Next, put your arms up bent at a 90 degree angle at the elbows. Try to press (without forcing!) them back to the wall.  Remember when stretching:

    • Don't bounce, hold position steady
    • Stretch to moderate tension, not pain
    • Ease into and out of stretch positions

    As always, if you need a more advanced version, please e-mail me michelle@universalwellness.us