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    Release Date: 1/10/2009


    Universal Wellness New Developments

    Happy New Year Friends!

    As with many, I am going through a time of pretty drastic shift.  A lot of it is still unknown but will share some new apparent directions.  You’ve probably heard by now of my Spa Retreat dream.  If not, this Retreat by the Sea is a place that people can visit for a day, 3 days or a week and delight in various revitalizing therapies and experiences.  Its grounds border a beach somewhere tropical.  Lately strong leads have been pointing to Costa Rica.  This will all come about with the support of others and big miracles!  I have been moved to tears many times with the magnitude of assistance offered so far.  If we have not already spoken and you desire to be a part of this dream, please contact me info@universalwellness.us
    Also, if you know anyone who wishes to donate a Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin American) Learning Course 1-3, I am totally open to receive!

    In light of this, I am clearing the small inventory I have left from my website "store".  If you'd like to assist, please look over the following list and see if anything is "calling" you.  Feel free to also share with friends and others :-)  It will be done on a trust basis.  I will tell you the total after I have shipped.  It will be the actual shipping plus $2 for my time, packing & gas.  You will pay me when you get the total.  Items are limited to stock on hand except for Orthotic Sandals which I can still have shipped. 


    •    Orthotic Sandals – Flip-flops and supportive sandals are stylish and good for you.  Use them for greater comfort outdoors …..what, too chilly out?....ok, they are great for around the house as well.
    I have some styles in stock.  You can check out www.orthoticsandal.com to get an idea.  If you give me your size, I can tell you what styles I have available

    •    FitBalls (Pearl Color-Burst Resistant) Just sitting on one of these balls will help improve your posture while your muscles work on your balance.  You can also get a great cardiovascular, muscle strengthening and stretching workout!  55cm $35  65cm $40

    •    FitBall Package – Fitball, Faster Blaster Pump and 4-Color Exercise Poster  55cm Ball Pkg  $40  65cm Ball Pkg  $45

    •    Stretch Straps (Sturdy with Multiple Loops & Instructional Manual) $20

    •    Heaven  - Peaceful Collection by my friend Jack Lee CD $20
    •    Sun/Moon Meditation Both with Spoken Guidance of my Angel friend Cheri Clampett and with music alone CD $20

    •    “The 10 Principles of Attraction: A Practical Guide to Creating Spiritual & Business Success” Carole Billingham (2 audio cassettes) -
    Are you wondering if there is more to your life? Maybe you're searching for deeper meaning or wondering what your purpose is. Do you want to find inner peace and fulfillment while balancing the demands of today's chaotic lifestyle? If so, this audio book will lead you on an incredible journey of self-exploration and discovery of your authentic self! $15

    •    “Alternatives” Bette Martin A personal reference book of remedies with space to customize for your own needs $10

    •    “Inspiration to Realization” Book compiled by Christine Kloser $10

    •    Elastic Fitness Exercise Bands allow for a whole body workout as well as assist with flexibility.  Convenient, low cost and light weight, they are ideal for travelling, using in conjunction with other fitness modes or for those with limited space.  You can even put them in your briefcase or drawer at the office!  Bands are available in light, medium and heavy resistances.  $5.50 ea

    •    Fun Squishy Stress Relievers  Smiling red hearts to roll and squeeze.  This helps strengthen hands/wrists, decrease stiffness in joints as well as reduce stress.  Just looking at them helps reduce stress!    $3.00 ea

    While that is all gestating, I continue to do coaching with people who are you ready to manifest quantum shifts in their life.  Might this be you?  If so, Telephone Wellness Coaching could be just right for you.  If you are unfamiliar with how it works, please Click Here!  Remember, a Gift of a Complimentary Consultation is available to determine if this avenue is appropriate for your personal needs.
    How are your nutrition habits?  Are you eating all your fruits and vegetables your body needs for maintenance and repair?  I’m still helping folks with that utilizing the well-researched nutritional support system, Juice Plus.
    Remember, your life reflects what you most focus on.  For some entertainment on the more positive side, I encourage you to check out the Spiritual Cinema Circle.  With your subscription, you receive monthly movies that are both uplifting and thought provoking.
    Am also going through some website shifts so appreciate your patience with any glitches as they are being ironed out.  Thanks for allowing me to share my news with you!
    Love & Light,

    Self Care Check

    Are You Selfish Enough?

    If you were brought up anything like me, you were taught it was bad to be selfish and virtuous to be selfless.  The more you did for others regardless of the cost to yourself, the better a person you were.  Many were, and still are, of the culture that you take care of everyone else’s needs and then, if you have time or energy, take care of your own.

    Ok, it’s time for a wake up call!  Remember on an airplane we are instructed, in case of emergency, to place the oxygen mask on our face and then assist others?  Hello, maybe this is a good metaphor for life.  You are the most important person in your life.  If you doubt that, imagine your life with out YOU!

    Numerous people are under incredible amounts of stress, incur cancer, heart attacks and strokes that could have been avoided if they practiced excellent self care.  As a result of these situations, there is a ripple effect in these individual’s lives.  Their family and friends may be inconvenienced and even suffer hardship themselves in an effort to care for those they love.

    Imagine if everyone put on their own mask first!  Imagine if everyone took excellent care of themselves first!  The kids would learn this too.  Most sicknesses and hardships would be averted right there.  Then imagine with all these vital, healthy people roaming the earth, how much our energetic, healthy selves could do to assist each other!  What a powerful positive difference we could make on this planet. 

    Perhaps by now you are realizing how important being selfish is but don’t know where to start.  First, recognize that your current self sacrificing thoughts and habits have taken years to solidify in your life.  Be patient with yourself as you allow time and baby steps to making the changes you desire.

    Make one commitment for different areas of your life.  While possible, most people aren’t going to feel good making drastic changes over night.  Some ideas to assist in getting started:
    •    Decide to take one step to amplify your exercise routine
    •    Find one way to enhance your nutritional intake
    •    Start saying “No” to jobs, requests & invitations that don’t bring you joy
    •    Make one change that will enrich your spirituality
    •    Increase your time spent with supportive people in your life and decrease that with those that bring you down
    •    Live in the moment being aware at all times if what you are doing is bringing you peace & joy

    Keep in mind, as you start making these self care shifts in your life, some people in your life may feel very uncomfortable and even try to make you feel guilty.  These are their issues and you are not responsible for anyone’s happiness but your own.  While you make the changes around those you care about, do them in as loving manner as possible.  As time goes on, not only will you live your life more authentically, but you may also inspire those around you to elevate theirs too.  What a powerful impact this will have for you and this entire planet!

    Inspiration Corner

    Yesterday is History.
    Tomorrow’s a Mystery.
    Today is a Gift.
    That’s why it’s called
    The Present!

    For Grins & Giggles

    Laughing Yoga... Laughing can be an uplifting experience!

    Click here to view

    Professional Highlight

    Janet Carol Ryan, RScP

    Janet Carol Ryan, RScP is a licensed spiritual counselor based in Northern California, with clients all over the world.  Janet provides practical tools for spiritual living through CD’s, classes, workshops and personal counseling sessions.  Her CD, “Flower of the Heart” is a gentle and powerful collection of heart-centering meditations that can support your spiritual journey every day.  Visit www.janetcarolryan.com

    Here is her contribution for us ~

    Are You A Miracle Maker?

    Of course you are!  Whatever your work is, whatever the conditions of your life, you are here to reveal the glorious gifts of life uniquely as YOU.  Your heart, your vision, your talents, your voice, your hands, your ideas are all channels for the expression of life that cannot happen without you. That’s a miracle!

    We are on a kind of treasure hunt.  Clues are everywhere - the things that people acknowledge you for are a part of your unique gift - maybe it’s the warmth to your smile, or the skill that you have with words, your compassion or your creative abilities.

    The goal of the treasure hunt is to unearth this unique element that is ours to share with the world and to release any impediments or limiting beliefs that keep us from fully being our magnificent selves.

    We have a beautiful, ever-present connection with the Source of all life.  We are guided to our highest good by inner direction that is true and clear. We are given everything that we need to thrive and to share with others.   

    However it seems that these truths are covered over by limiting beliefs and painful circumstances that can cloud our vision.  But, just like the sun which is always present even when clouded over - our inner truth is always available to us.

    Here are some ideas to bring the brilliance out and let your personal light shine more brightly.

    1)    If you have a spiritual practice, keep doing it.  If it has gotten stale, add new elements - read or listen to inspirational material, and vary it for new insights.
    2)    If you don’t have a spiritual practice, create one. It does not have to follow any religious dictates.  Make it personal, make it meaningful to you.
    3)    Turn off the news and turn on the affirmations - become the artist of your life.  Create statements and declarations of what it is that you want your life to be and put your imagination and heart into it.
    4)    Find others who share your desire to be uplifted and inspired and gather together in community.  Share your creative vision for your life and invite others to do the same, become a mutual support network for the highest good.
    5)    Notice the every day miracles of your life, give thanks for them and let them blossom.

    Do You Know?

    That you can get computer assistance from your home or office?
    Jake and Christa Nonnemaker, through their company have assisted me numerous times with my computing needs. Being myself technologically impaired, I have no clue about how they worked (and continue to work) all the miracles they do for me.  From setting up my computer & office in California to continuing to assist me in Florida via the internet, I can't imagine how I could manage without Axicom! Thank You is the understatement of the century!  Visit them at www.axicom.net  and see the superior service they can provide for you.

    Spotlight Exercise

    Wall Finger Walking

    This helps reduce tightness in the shoulder area as well as improving shoulder range of motion.

    Place the fingertips of your right hand on the wall (or door jamb) in front of your shoulder.  Slowly walk your fingers up the wall and step toward it.  “Walk” your fingers up as high as you can without strain or pain to the shoulder joint area.  Then slide them down to your starting position.  Repeat 2 or 3 times before switching to the other side.
    Note: Some people may be flexible enough to step through a doorway with their hand high up on the door frame.  Listen to your body.

    If you have any questions, e-mail me michelle@universalwellness.us
    You have my permission and thanks for forwarding this newsletter to friends and colleagues whom you feel would benefit from its contents.  They may subscribe (at no cost) by entering their information on my website homepage.