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    Release Date: 9/23/2009


    Universal Wellness New Developments

    First of all, my apologies to those who got bouncebacks from your e-mail correspondence to me.  We were having difficulties with my e-mail but I think it's all straightened out now.  Again, for you continue to receive updates, please add Universal Wellness to your e-mail white list.  We send from:


    If you have any friends who know me and/or may want to stay posted about the Panama Spa Retreat progress, please encourage them to sign up on our mailing list AND add us to their "happy sender list".  IMPORTANT REMINDER!!  The Universal Wellness phone number 941-480-1373 is now disconnected.  Please use the e-mail address until I get set up again in Panama.

    Adventure Update:  My Panama friends/angels had some unexpected business arise here in Florida requiring their attention in the area.  As a result, my departure is postponed to October 15th.  Yippee, I finally got my ticket!  Also, they won't be able to immediately show me around and assist in my Spa Retreat location scouting.  The location/information hunt is top priority for me to formulate my Birth Plan aka Business Plan to present to my potential investors.  The Universe again came to my assistance…of course.  A friend of mine, who speaks Spanish, will travel with me for a couple weeks to help me get the desired information.  For anyone who knows about my math skills (chuckle, chuckle), he is also very good with numbers which is a huge bonus.

    Speaking of investors, I've already got my first $10,000 pledge without my benefactor knowing anything about a business plan.  Thank you dear Gloria!!  Thank you to everyone who has contributed thus far to this endeavor in so many ways, shapes and forms!  Yes, you know who you are.

    Want to participate in the adventure?  No, you don't even need to leave your home or office.  Just give me a heads up and we will discuss how you can play too.  Be part of the magic by e-mailing info@universalwellness.us

    People who desire assistance in making a quantum shift in their lives, please check out Telephone Wellness Coaching.  For a limited time, qualified individuals may receive Global Wellness Coaching FREE!  This is due to the fact that my communication may be a little sketchy for a few weeks.  I'll be assisting you while you help me make my communication transition.

    How are your nutrition habits?  Are you eating all your fruits and vegetables your body needs for maintenance and repair?  I'm still helping folks with that utilizing the well-researched nutritional support system, Juice Plus.

    Remember, your life reflects what you most focus on.  For some entertainment on the more positive side, I encourage you to check out the Spiritual Cinema Circle.  With your subscription, you receive monthly movies that are both uplifting and thought provoking.

    Thank you all for going on this journey with me!

    Love & Light,


    Self Care Check
    Sharpening The Saw

    "Sharpening the saw" is a phrase I borrow from Steven Covey.  Essentially, with a dull saw, a job could take days to complete.  If you take a brief time to sharpen the saw, the same job can be accomplished in hours.  The idea applies to our daily lives.  If we keep going, going, going, non-stop, we get run down, tired, our cognitive skills are dulled and often sickness finally slows us down.  If we but take the time to appropriately renew ourselves, we live life more fully and often get even more accomplished.  We each sharpen the saw in our own individual ways.  For some, taking a nap, taking a vacation, watching a sunset, luxuriating in a bubble bath or getting a massage are appropriate ways to freshen up.  For others, a retreat, vision quest or sabbatical is needed to assist in being the best they can be.  Check in with your own spiritual, physical and mental needs and you will know the types of activities that will most benefit you.

    Inspiration Corner (With a Touch of Humor)
    Butt Prints In The Sand

    One night I had a wondrous dream,
    One set of footprints there was seen,
    The footprints of the Goddess they were,
    But mine were not along the shore.

    But then some stranger prints appeared, and I asked
    Her, "What have we here?
    These prints are large and round and neat,
    But much too big to be from feet."

    "My child," She said in somber tones,
    "For miles I carried you alone.
    I challenged you to walk in faith,
      But you refused and made me wait."

    "You would not learn, you would not grow,
    The walk of faith, you would not know,
    So I got tired, I got fed up,
    And there I dropped you on your butt.

    "Because in life, there comes a time
    When one must reach, and one must climb,
    When one must rise and take a stand,
    Or leave their butt prints in the sand."

    ~Author Unknown~

    For Grins & Giggles
    Stretching After Jogging

    Click here to watch video.

    Professional Highlight

    Alicia & Donald Crystalus ~ Spiritual Coaches for Life Transformation Internationally, Certified in Several Healing Methods, Creators of True Life Process and Grand Masters of Vijarden

    Throughout our lives we have helped others to see the beauty within themselves and reclaim the power they may have lost through childhood hurts, traumas or other experiences.  One of the first methods we recommend to anyone who is starting to look at their spiritual life and interested in changing their life is to begin a meditation practice.  Meditation provides great benefits from stress relief, problem solving and an overall sense of well being.  These benefits begin from even one minute of meditation in the morning and increase the longer you allow yourself to meditate. 

    Below is a simple meditation that will help increase your feelings of connection to the Earth and remember how it feels to be at peace with all life.  In this exercise, you will be expanding your spirit to experience oneness with the Earth and all who live on it.  This exercise will help you to affirm your life on Earth and understand how you are vital to the planet.  This is a great exercise to do daily to expand your aura and helps you to return to a state of Oneness when you feel disconnected from the Earth and your spirituality due to stress or illness.

    Take a few moments to relax and meditate.  Stand or sit in front of a full length mirror or bathroom mirror.  This will help you to see your own aura and watch how it expands over time.  You may want to turn the lights down low or stand in a candlelit room to help you see your aura.  Visualize your aura and as you breathe, feel your aura begin to expand.  With each breath, state the affirmation "I am One with the Earth and all who live on Her."  Continue breathing and allowing your aura to expand until you feel it encompasses all of the Earth inside of your aura.  Notice what you are feeling with each affirmation.  Do you feel energized?  Do you feel nervous?  Breath out any negative feeling, as this exercise is only about love and developing a connection with all of life.  When you feel that you have expanded as far as you can go, state the following affirmation "I am love and my love surrounds all of the Earth, I receive only love in return."  Take a moment to look at your aura in the mirror, look around your head, shoulders and heart as it may be easier to see there.  Or hold up your hand and see if you can see the light flowing from your energy field from your fingertips.  Each day that you perform this meditation, your aura will expand farther allowing in more light and energy for your well being.

    For more meditations, inspiring stories and encouraging words, please visit their blog at: www.healingincarnations.wordpress.com

    Alicia and Donald Crystalus met over 5 years ago on a spiritual chat where they would discuss healing methods and encouraged each other to further develop their healing abilities.  Separately they had spent many years learning as many healing methods and tools for transforming lives as possible.  These methods include many variations of Reiki, energetic healing, shamanic practices, affirmations, meditations and many others. 

    Often they would meditate and journey through the spirit world together' til the wee hours of the morning.  As they grew to know one another, they learned how their spirits were twin flames, and that when they joined together for healing they shined brighter and helped bring about greater healing to those who asked for their help.  Many times long distance clients have commented that when they saw Alicia and Donald coming to them in spirit, they would see them join as one and shine so bright and bring so much peace that they were amazed and awed by how they felt afterwards.

    Many clients have had tremendous life transformations after receiving healing and spiritual coaching from Alicia and Donald.  A recent client has seen her entire life transform from being filled with fear, fatigue, and feelings of powerlessness to being one filled with passion, greater energy and a peace she has never felt before.  Her family, friends and co-workers all comment to her on how much she has changed, how positive she is, how peaceful and calm she is where before she had been filled with anger and stress.  As a business owner, she has seen her clientele increase as her outlook on life has changed from negative to positive throughout her coaching experience with Alicia and Donald. 

    If you would like to learn more about Alicia & Donald Crystalus or their healing and spiritual coaching please visit their website at www.healingincarnations.com. 

    Donald Crystalus grew up in a small town in northern Indiana.  He was raised by Buddhist and Christian parents.  This special spiritual upbringing helped him to develop his own spirituality and Donald began meditating when he was around 9 years old.  Donald came to realize that spirituality opened him up to many worlds beyond this physical reality.  As the years progressed, he learned how to astral travel, learn shamanic practices and commune with the ascended masters where he learned how to heal beyond the body and mind, so that the healing included the spirit of himself and others.  This healing of spirit leads to the healing of each person's own spirituality and allows for greater control and oneness with All That Is.  It is this deep spiritual healing that Donald wishes to teach and share with others.

    Alicia Crystalus grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She started feeling God's presence around her when she was a small child, almost as though He was watching her while she studied.  When Alicia was around 7 she began to see spirits and angels.  Throughout her school years she had dreams that would come true at school the following day and had visions of many of the places she has lived over the years.  After attending college in Iowa, she moved to San Francisco and met a healer who taught Alicia many methods of healing, including Reiki, channeling and shamanic practices.  Her own healing journey has helped Alicia develop a heartfelt compassion for others and an inner knowing of how to share words of healing and forgiveness from the angels.  Alicia's special connection to Angels and the spirit realm have helped her bring peace and comfort to many people over the years through both healing touch and written words of inspiration and encouragement.  She hopes that all will one day experience the infinite and unconditional love that God has for all of us and what it truly feels like to be one with All That Is. 

    Do You Know?
    Benefit Your Well-Being, and Someone Else's, by Sending a Card…

    When was the last time you sent an unexpected card at an unexpected time to someone you care about?  Do you think it would make a difference?  Do you remember people's birthdays and other special occasions?  Do you think that matters to them?  How about a simple thank you or expression of appreciation?  Do you think that would make a difference?

    I know the great feeling I get when I receive a card out of the blue.  I also enjoy the feeling of sharing a card and letting people know I'm thinking about them.  With SendOutCards, not only can I remember people and share appreciation, I can motivate, uplift, encourage and truly make a difference.  The interesting thing is, the more I do this, the more I realize that I benefit the most.

    This will definitely help me keep in touch from Panama without the long distance postage :

    Rob & Nicole Campbell at SendOutCards can help you become part of the big picture by "Changing Lives One Card at a Time".

    Spotlight Exercise
    Computing Wellness

    If you are reading this, chances are you spend a lot of time on the computer most days.  Perhaps you will consider this concept... Conscious Computing Wellness.  Many of us can sit for hours totally oblivious of our posture and miscellaneous ache creeping in until we finally stand up.  Here are a few suggestions to assist in shifting to some happier habits while computing.

    1. Is your work/play place ergonomically appropriate for your body?  If you have no clue, it may be best for you to hire a consultant or fitness trainer to analyze your space and make adjustments.  Perhaps you know what adjustments to make but have been procrastinating.  Now is the time to take one or two steps to enhance your space.
    2. Take frequent breaks.  Stand up and stretch, even for a few seconds.  This will give your eyes, mind and body a chance to "sharpen the saw".
    3. Make a list of exercises you can do throughout the day near your computer.  These can  include neck rolls/turns, wrist stretches/rotations, spinal twist while seated, ankle circles/point/flex, shoulder rolls (more back than forward), low back presses into the chair engaging abs, finger flexing and hand opening.
    4. Notice what you spend most of your computer time doing.  Does it bring you joy?  If so, terrific!  If not, what might you do to cut back some of those activities.  What you think about manifests in one way or another in your life.  Choose your computing wisely.  It can make a huge difference in literally your life!