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    Inspiration from Universal Wellness July 2005

    Release Date: 7/1/2005


    Universal Wellness New Developments

    Happy Summer to You!
    As many are aware by now, Michelle and Lee are relocating from sunny Southern California to sunny Florida - Gulf side.  As they go though this exciting adventure and transition, Universal Wellness will be going through a transition as well.  We will keep you posted as information unfolds.

    As a result of her increasing travels, Michelle will be helping more people live in Wellness through her Telephone Coaching.

    The Universal Wellness Telephone Coaching program is a time-effective and affordable way to stay on the path to reaching your wellness goals.

    "Wow!  Thanks for your excellent advice, Michelle.  I felt I got my money's worth after just one session.  You've made a tremendous difference in my training and life.  Heartfelt thanks!"  Christy L

    The Telephone Coaching program also offers phenomenal reinforcement to those who have previously participated in Universal Wellness training sessions or those who have ever struggled to work out on their own. Would having your own private mentor, cheerleader, accountability partner and fitness guru make a difference in accomplishing your healthy goals?  Would it be a relief to have a guide help YOU bring balance back to YOUR life?  Are you ready to make that happen now?  Then Universal Wellness Coaching is for you!

    Stressed?  Overwhelmed? Need a Vacation?  Maybe a mental vacation is just what you need right now!  Transformational Relaxation Phone

    Get the benefits of the  Universal Wellness Transformational Relaxation Program by Phone!  Allow powerful changes in your life with this one-hour session designed to bring your stress level down and your energy level up.  It begins with a series of questions to determine the best format for you.

    Michelle will guide your mind and body to a wonderful relaxed state.  Using visualization, she will assist you to further relax your body and mind so you will finish feeling more refreshed, alive and focused.  You will need a speaker phone and soothing instrumental music or sounds of nature. 

    "Heaven", a lovely uplifting CD by Jack Lee, is a wonderful accompaniment to this experience!  It is available in the Universal Wellness Store.
    "Dearest Michelle, Thank you so much for tonight.  You are incredible and gave me exactly what I needed!  I feel I just received a precious gift, the gift of you and your knowledge, given in your sweet gentle manner.  You DID help me remember important wisdom I had forgotten, wisdom that will really serve me now.
    Blessings to you, Sandi"

    Ongoing coaching? ~ Mental vacation? ~ Both?!      Call 805-375-2516 or e-mail michelle@universalwellness.us to start your new life today!

    As we go through various items in the moving process, we found a number of "FIT BODIES" (remember us then?) Exercise Charts.  These where to help clients track their activity and progress.  We will be happy to send you one or some to help you on your wellness journey.  Just e-mail your interest to promotions@universalwellness.us Please include your snail mail address as well as the number of charts you would like in your request.  This offer is good while supplies last and donations for postage (while not required) are happily accepted!
    Would you like to feel The Power of Champions?  Here is a fantastic opportunity to move you in that direction now.  We get to move our inventory and you get to save $5.00 when you order your copy of the book today.  Previously $29.97, we've marked it down to $24.97 just to give you another reason to empower yourself sooner rather than later.

    The Champions are 55 of the world's most recognized and consistently effective Personal Fitness Trainers (including Yours Truly) ~ fitness professionals proving their value on a daily basis.  From Florida to New York, from Utah to Minnesota ~ and, of course, California ~ the Champions share a common message, a common technology of change.
    This compilation of real world strategies will show you how to: Burn fat ~ Boost metabolism ~ Improve athletic performance ~ Improve daily function ~ Make better food choices ~ Stimulate ongoing fat release ~ develop shapely muscle ~ Balance Mind, Body & Spirit ~ And much more!

    Order your copy today http://www.universalwellness.us/cart/itm_itemDetail.asp?item9=38
    Order multiple copies for employees, friends and loved ones and receive a SPECIAL GIFT with your order placed by August 31, 2005!

    Do you like to do STEP?  Did you do STEP at the gym but never got a chance to do it at home and eventually quit?  Have you never done STEP but thought it would be fun to try.  Have we got the answer for you?!  Our move is necessitating another terrific offer.  We have full size Reebok Steps - the heavy duty, gym quality versions with 2 risers for each side.  They were approximately $100 new.  They have been "gently used".  They are being offered locally (inquire if you are interested as to what is local) with delivery.  One step delivered is $50 or 2 steps for $75.  This is good while supplies last so call right away 805-375-2516!

    And for Michelle's  major lesson in patience, trust and remaining calm....
    Her hard drive crashed June 24 and she just got her computer back June 30, still with many complications.  If anyone sent an e-mail during this time, we did not receive it and sincerely apologize for your inconvenience and our inability to serve you in the usual manner.  Sent good energy our way and please touch base with us again J

    On that "Unstoppable" note, Cynthia Kersey has recently come up with another inspiring book, "Unstoppable Women, Achieve Any Breakthrough Goal in 30 Days". She has a fabulous offer too you've just got to check out on her website www.unstoppablewomen.com

    Please help us reach as many people as possible as we strive to enrich and empower lives. Tell them to join our mailing list for valuable information such as this and more!

    Self Care Check
    What's Your Excuse For Not Exercising?

    I Don't Have Time:
    The crazier your schedule is, the more you need an avenue to regularly reduce stress and pick up your energy.  When you prioritize your time to include exercise, you can actually think more clearly and are more productive doing other "necessary" activities.

    Exercise Is Boring:
    Then you've chosen the wrong activity!  With all the choices today, don't limit yourself to something that you don't like.  You can take all sorts of classes, step, jazz, tap, belly-dancing.  You can go hiking, walk on the beach or watch a movie while you are using the treadmill, elliptical trainer or stationary bike.  What sports do you like?

    I'll Get in Shape Through Dieting:
    With diet alone, you lose both fat and lean muscle mass (which also makes up your brain tissue).  Your metabolism will slow down requiring you to eat less to maintain the "lower weight".  You need to exercise to firm and tone your muscles, maintain or improve your bone density and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

    I Can't Afford It:
    You can't afford not to!  The price you pay for sickness usually greatly outweighs anything spent on fitness.  Find a low cost gym or community center near you.  Buy a few, effective pieces of equipment you will actually use at home.  Borrow from the library or purchase some exercise videos.  Hire a trainer for just a few sessions to be sure you are using your time and energy efficiently.  Telephone coaching is an option if you'd like a trainer but can't afford to have one come to you on a regular basis.

    I'm Too Tired:
    Tiredness breeds tiredness.  So many people are amazed that when they go out for a brisk walk (even when tired), they feel more energized afterwards.  Your body and mind will do more for you if you take care of yourself right.

    I'm Don't Know What Exercise Is Right For Me:
    Isn't it frustrating to spend hours working on something and not seeming to get any results?  You can research the multitude of fitness information in books or on the internet.  Consult a Personal Fitness Consultant for a short or long term basis to develop a program that best suits your needs and preferences.

    It's Too Painful:
    Then you are doing something wrong!  With a few exceptions like arthritis and rehabilitation, get rid of the No Pain, No Gain theory!  Perhaps you need to look into different modes of exercise.  Move at your own pace and observe my golden rule, "Listen to your body and, when in doubt - don't!"  Exercising too hard or incorrectly is as detrimental as not exercising enough.  Find the happy medium.

    I Can't Get Motivated:
    Find activities you enjoy.  Exercise with a friend.  Set meaningful and realistic goals.  Use music that inspires you.  You can get more ideas from my "Personal Success Guide for the 21st Century" by going to

    You can have your excuses or you can have your positive, healthy results but not both!  It's up to you to decide.  What does the life you wish to live look like?  Now take the first step today!


    Inspiration Corner

    1. The mess to clean after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends.
    2. The taxes I pay because it means that I'm employed.
    3. The clothes that fit a little too snug because it means I have enough to eat.
    4. My shadow who watches me work because it means I am out in the sunshine.
    5. A lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning and gutters that need fixing because it means I have a home.
    6. All the complaining I hear about our government because it means we have freedom of speech.
    7. The space I find at the far end of the parking lot because it means I am capable of walking.
    8. My huge heating bill because it means I am warm.
    9. The lady behind me in church who sings off key because it means that I can hear.
    10. The piles of laundry and ironing because it means I have  clothes to wear.
    11. Weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day because it means I have been productive.
    12. The alarm that goes off in the early morning hours because it means that I'm alive.
    13. Getting too much email bogs me down but at least I know I have friends who are thinking of me.

    For Grins & Giggles


    Did You Know...?

    Biofeedback is a very useful modality these days to decrease high, blood pressure, reduce pain, help people with ADD symptoms to focus, increase mobility after strokes, reduce stress and depression as well as a myriad of other health issues.  It has been used for some time as an alternate therapy but is becoming increasingly common in conventional medicine now too.

    More and more people are abuzz about "The Journey to Wild Divine" game…..or shall we say, Experience!
    Harness the Power of Your Inner Magic. "The Journey to Wild Divine allows you to get in touch with the innermost core of your being" -Deepak Chopra

    This game utilizes Biofeedback in a fascinating way.  Immerse yourself into your adventure today! Click Here

    Professional Highlight
    Sydney Laurel Harris, Alexander Practitioner

    As infants, we are usually born with very good coordination and posture.  If we are allowed to develop without interference, at our own pace, our very good coordination and use of ourselves continues.

    If we are "sat up", "stood up" and helped to walk by our caretakers before we have done these on our own, we develop poor use and coordination, excess tension and a number of psychological issues as well.

    If we unconsciously imitate our parents' habits and our role models i.e. celebrities, we can also develop poor use of ourselves.

    If we take on the stresses of the world and hold our emotions in, we can develop patterns in our bodies that interfere with the best use of ourselves.

    The Alexander Technique allows us to re-discover our natural coordination and best use.

    The foundation of my work is the Alexander Technique which I have been teaching for almost 30 years.  The Technique is a psycho-physical process that uncovers the habits of use that interfere with natural movement. It helps you to eliminate these habits in order to reclaim your birthright to be free, easy and unencumbered in your body.  F. M. Alexander was an early proponent (early 1900's) of the idea that the mind and body work together as one. The inter-connection of the mind and body provides a window into who you are.  In the play of shifting your attention, moving back and forth, between body and mind you will learn much about yourself, leading you to wholeness and a state of well-being.

    Over the years my work has been powerfully enhanced by training and experience in additional psychological, developmental and spiritual realms. Currently I am using the synthesis of these influences which became more defined following a severe illness in 2004.  I was ill for three and one half months with excruciating joint pain and the process being offered in the workshop played a vital role in my healing.

    --- Sydney Laurel Harris

    Sydney Laurel Harris Sydney will be happy to e-mail you a copy of "The Ideal Resting Position" and other great articles upon request. 

    She can be reached at 805 644-7845 & sharris@alexanderusa.com

    Spotlight Exercise

    Many of us spend our days going 100 miles and hour in all different directions.  Or perhaps we aren't going in all those directions but tend to worry about everything happening around us.  Both scenarios can make us sick! So, what can we do?  Set aside some relaxation and visualization time every day.  10-15 minutes would be nice.  If you immediately said, "I don't have time!"…even 5 minutes is very beneficial.

    Dim the lights if possible. Eliminate any noise and interruption possibilities.  Sit or lie down and close your eyes.  Begin breathing a little deeper than the breathe you normally breathe.  Spend your quiet moments zoning out, meditating, visualizing, intentionally relaxing your body, practicing affirmations or thinking about what you are grateful for.

    To assist you, play some soothing music or environmental sounds.  Cheri Champett has an inspiring CD, "The Sun & Moon Meditation" from with you can choose guided imagery or simply uplifting music.  Jack Lee's music on his "Heaven CD is perfect to relax to as well!  Both are available in Our Store.

    If you want even more, treat yourself (or have someone else treat you) to a Transformational Relaxation Session via Telephone with Michelle Hazlewood!