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    Inspiration from Universal Wellness October 2005

    Release Date: 10/1/2005


    Universal Wellness New Developments
    Autumn Greetings to All!

    The Universe certainly works in mysterious ways sometimes.  We are still here enjoying sunny California.  Maybe the next newsletter will be sent from Florida.  As always, we continue to clear out the old to create the new lives we desire.  Keep your eyes on our website as we go on this evolving journey together.

    The Universal Wellness Telephone Coaching program has been a tremendous success for all involved.  You'd be amazed at the fun directions it can take you!

    "I have been working with Michelle for the past few months.  My goal was the typical lose weight and eat healthier.  When we first started working together I felt like I was on a fast downward spiral, I had no energy, I did NO exercise, and ate terribly.  My journey with Michelle not only quickly turned that around but more importantly has led me down a path that has a more spiritual approach toward honoring my body, my health, and my place in this world.  It has been an AMAZING journey and I can't thank Michelle enough for the changes she has made in my life in such a short time.  Thank you!" Lauren M

    The Universal Wellness Telephone Coaching also offers phenomenal reinforcement to those who have previously participated in Universal Wellness training sessions or those who have ever struggled to work out on their own. Would having your own private mentor, cheerleader, accountability partner and fitness guru make a difference in accomplishing your healthy goals?  Would it be a relief to have a guide help YOU bring balance back to YOUR life?  Are you ready to make that happen now?  Then Universal Wellness Telephone Coaching is for you!

    Start your HOLIDAY SHOPPING now.  Get Universal Wellness Gift Certificates for your family and friends.  While Telephone Coaching is available for gifting, Universal Wellness Transformational Relaxation by phone (below) is particularly suited for holiday gifting!

    Stressed?  Overwhelmed? Need a Vacation?  Maybe a mental vacation is just the ticket now!  Universal Wellness Transformational Relaxation Program via Phone.
    Get the benefits of the Universal Wellness Transformational Relaxation Program via Phone!  Allow powerful changes in your life with this one-hour session designed to bring your stress level down and your energy level up.  It begins with a series of questions to determine the best format for you.
    Michelle will guide your mind and body to a delightfully relaxed state.  Using visualization, she will assist you to further relax your body and mind so you will finish feeling more refreshed, alive and focused.  You will need a speaker phone and soothing instrumental music or sounds of nature.  "Heaven", a lovely uplifting CD by Jack Lee, is a wonderful accompaniment to this experience!  It is available in the Universal Wellness Store.

    "Dearest Michelle, Thank you so much for tonight.  You are incredible and gave me exactly what I needed!  I feel I just received a precious gift, the gift of you and your knowledge, given in your sweet gentle manner.  You DID help me remember important wisdom I had forgotten, wisdom that will really serve me now.
    Blessings to you, Sandi"

    Ongoing coaching? ~ Mental vacation? ~ Both?!      Call 805-375-2516 or e-mail michelle@universalwellness.us to start your new life today!

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    Please help us reach as many people as possible as we strive to enrich and empower lives. Tell them to join our mailing list for valuable information such as this and more!

    Self Care Check
    10 Happy Healthy Habits

    1. Move around for 30 minutes a day - Walk, dance, bike!  Your body needs to put out more energy than normal.  This will improve overall health and help you stay young!
    2. Take a daily nutritional supplement - Like Juice Plus!  This can help fortify your immune system, increase your energy, enhance your metabolism and more!
    3. Eat 9-13 servings of fruits and veggies daily - Raw, fresh produce is the best!  Eat to your hearts content and enjoy all the health benefits with no worries of having too much.
    4. Get enough sleep - Everybody's needs here vary but it's important to get enough for you.  Meeting this need results in feeling energetic, assisting your metabolism and getting the renewal your body needs on a regular basis.
    5. Just Do It - How many times have you thought about exercise, wanted to exercise, speculated about exercise only to find the time to do it come and gone?  If this is truly important to you, just get started!
    6. Drink water - 8 glasses of water daily is the recommendation for most people.  Experiment with how much feels best for you.  Staying well hydrated is good for your metabolism, your skin….simply stated, your health!
    7. Eliminate whatever is in your life that gets in the way of your health - Review all the things you doing and decide if they are truly important for your wellbeing.  Look at your habits and notice if they are all serving you the way you want.  Evaluate the people you hang out with.  Do they lift you up?
    8. Make an attitude adjustment - Look on the bright side of things.  Celebrate your successes.  Express gratitude for what you have.  If you choose to, you will continue to improve you levels of health and happiness on a regular basis!
    9. Give your metabolism a hand - For most people, your metabolism works better if you eat nutritious foods more often in smaller quantities.  In other words, you may wish to enjoy 6 small meals a day instead of 3 large ones
    10. Write a list of what you want to do, be and have - Celebrate and reward yourself and you see yourself manifesting these on a regular basis!

    Anything you can conceive and believe, that you can achieve!

    You can support these habits by utilizing my "Personal Success Guide for the 21st Century" by going to http://www.universalwellness.us/_psMotivation.asp.

    You can have your excuses or you can have your positive, healthy results but not both!  It's up to you to decide.  What does the life you wish to live look like?  Now take the first step today!

    Inspiration Corner
    Open to Love

    "Our barriers to love are rarely consciously chosen. They are our efforts to protect the places where the heart is bruised. Somewhere, sometime, we felt as though an open heart caused us pain or humiliation. We loved with the openness of a child, and someone didn't care, or laughed, or even punished us for the effort. In a quick moment, perhaps a fraction of a second, we made a decision to protect ourselves from ever feeling that pain again. We would never again allow ourselves to be so vulnerable. We built emotional defenses. We tried to build a fortress across our heart, to protect us from any cold assault. The only problem is, according to the Course, that we create what we defend against. "

    --Marianne Williamson "A Return to Love"
    Affirmation: My heart is wide open to love.

    "If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never hold onto a negative thought.  I don't eat junk foods and I don't care to think junk thoughts."
    --Peace Pilgrim

    "We are continually faced by great opportunities brilliantly disguised as insoluble problems".
    --Lee Iococca

    For Grins & Giggles
    The Truth About Those Conflicting Medical Studies

    For those of you who watch what you eat... Here's the
    final word on nutrition and health. It's a relief to
    know the truth after all the conflicting medical

    1. The Japanese eat very little fat and suffer fewer
      heart attacks than the British or Americans.
    2. The Mexicans eat a lot of fat and suffer fewer
      heart attacks than the British or Americans.
    3. The Japanese drink very little red wine and suffer
      fewer heart attacks than the British or Americans.
    4. The Italians drink excessive amounts of red wine
      and suffer fewer heart attacks than the British or
    5. The Germans drink a lot of beers and eat lots of
      sausages and fats and suffer fewer heart attacks than
      the British or Americans.

    CONCLUSION: Eat and drink what you like. Speaking
    English is apparently what kills you.

    Did You Know...?

    Biofeedback is a very useful modality these days to decrease high, blood pressure, reduce pain, help people with ADD symptoms to focus, increase mobility after strokes, reduce stress and depression as well as a myriad of other health issues.  It has been used for some time as an alternate therapy but is becoming increasingly common in conventional medicine now too.

    More and more people are abuzz about "The Journey to Wild Divine" game.......or shall we say, Experience!
    Harness the Power of Your Inner Magic. "The Journey to Wild Divine allows you to get in touch with the innermost core of your being" -Deepak Chopra

    This game utilizes Biofeedback in a fascinating way.  Immerse yourself into your adventure today! Click Here ...... Makes a very cool HOLIDAY GIFT as well!

    Professional Highlight
    Bijan Anjomi ~ Effortless Prosperity

    The principles of Effortless Prosperity came through to me several years ago, and were manifested in a book of thirty simple, yet profound lessons for thirty days.  Even though I wrote the book, I still always return to read and live the lessons daily, and continue month after month.  What is amazing is that each month, they have a completely different meaning for me, according to my vibration and where I am in my life on that particular day.  The reason that - to this moment - I continue to read and live the daily lessons is so that I will keep an awareness of who I really am.  The mass consciousness on this planet is so strong, and the belief system on limitation and scarcity is so sticky and gooey that the moment I forget who I really am, and come from my ego and the illusion of limitation, I find myself stuck to that belief system, and I can feel ego telling me prosperity comes only through struggle and control.

    The principles of Effortless Prosperity are about identifying, acknowledging, and releasing all the old belief systems of sacrifice, struggle, control, guilt, fear and all of fear's babies (such as worry, doubt etc….) and old beliefs that we must work hard to receive.  The lessons of Effortless Prosperity are a guide into the realm of Truth, where we are divinely provided with everything we require being totally prosperous.  By getting in touch with the Truth that we are the cause and creator of our own lives, we focus our awareness in the now moment, and know that at every moment there is a choice of knowingness that we can choose or change our direction to whatever the desire all the time.  In doinf so, we know beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are worthy and deserving and we become aware of how abundance and prosperity flow to us spontaneously.

    Effortless Prosperity is not about teaching or learning another form or technique.  I have been through many, many workshops, and for me they have always been about doing it differently, doing it more, or doing it better.  There is already too much "stuff" that  people are taught - there are too many techniques and methods.  As a result, people depend on what is outside them to change their lives; they focus on changing effect in their lives.  This does not work, for it is impossible to change effect without first changing our thoughts.

    Effortless Prosperity is about being and creating, which is in the realm of cause.  It is about going to the Source, and opening so that subconsciously and deep down inside we "get" who we are and how effortlessly we can change the circumstances in our lives.  It is about choosing joy over fear and peace over turmoil, spirit over ego and realizing that when we do, we create an effortless life.

    What is exciting in this millennium is that time is moving faster than ever, and what that means to us is that we can create whatever we focus on in a fraction of the time.  With this understanding of time moving faster, we realize that the more we are vigilant for the light, the quicker we will create things that bring us peace and joy - not turmoil.  Our planet Earth is vibrating at a higher level than ever before, and we are now manifesting even more from our vibration and energy than from "doing".  Our thoughts create our reality, and, more than ever before, it is important that we keep ourselves in the present - in the now moment - so that we manifest from joy.

    My desire is for everyone on this planet to be living the principles of Effortless Prosperity.  When we are in peace, we can feel and experience love at the deepest level, and love is the most powerful force on the planet.  So when we come from love, which is who we really are, we are in the present, and not controlled by our ego.  We are lead and guided by spirit to our hearts desires and will attract flawless health, joyous relationships, abundance of wealth and a joyous life, full of miracles.

    Love and Light,

    For more of Bijan's information and inspiration go to www.effortlessprosperity.com

    If you communicate with them, please tell them Michelle Hazlewood sent you J

    Spotlight Exercise

    Yes, for those of you that were paying close attention, this was also last newsletter's exercise.  With the holidays ahead (and hearing what my clients are saying), this is a very necessary topic again.

    Many of us spend our days going 100 miles and hour in all different directions.  Or perhaps we aren't going in all those directions but tend to worry about everything happening around us.  Both scenarios can make us sick! So, what can we do?  Set aside some relaxation and visualization time every day.  10-15 minutes would be nice.  If you immediately said, "I don't have time!"... even 5 minutes is very beneficial.

    Dim the lights if possible. Eliminate any noise and interruption possibilities.  Sit or lie down and close your eyes.  Begin breathing a little deeper than the breathe you normally breathe.  Spend your quiet moments zoning out, meditating, visualizing, intentionally relaxing your body, practicing affirmations or thinking about what you are grateful for.

    To assist you, play some soothing music or environmental sounds.  Cheri Champett has an inspiring CD, "The Sun & Moon Meditation" from with you can choose guided imagery or simply uplifting music.  Jack Lee's music on his "Heaven CD is perfect to relax to as well!  Both are available in Our StoreDid I mention?...... great HOLIDAY GIFT!!!!

    If you want even more, treat yourself (or have someone else treat you) to a Transformational Relaxation Session via Telephone with Michelle HazlewoodThis is available for GIFTING as well.  Definitely one someone would appreciate and remember for a long time!