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    Category: Business Consulting
    The Feng Shui Advantage
    P.O.Box 1132
    Monterey Park   CA   91754
    Phone: 877.288.1669
    Website: http://www.FengShuiAdvantage.com
    Feng Shui isn’t something you do… it’s something you already have! In fact, every building has a combination of supportive and sabotaging energies. Wouldn’t you like to improve the quality of your life by managing your building’s Feng Shui influences? Beautiful elemental remedies can discreetly neutralize your home/office’s sabotaging energies. Did you know… barely 5% of Feng Shui consultants can teach you how to avoid the influences of your Consuming & Lonely “Personal Directions”? P.K. Odle, internationally respected instructor for the renowned American Feng Shui Institute, unique 3-part report teaches you ALL of your “Personal Directions”. For details visit www.FengShuiAdvantage.com