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    Category: Business Consulting
    Spiritual Marketing LLC
    10421 Canoga Ave #226
    Chatsworth   CA   91311
    Phone: 818.298.1735
    Fax: 919..640.3703
    Website: http://www.jessicafish.com

    Spiritual Marketing
    What is Spiritual Marketing? Itís not religious and itís not psychic. Spiritual Marketing combines spiritual principle with more than two decades of corporate communications and marketing experience.
    Using spiritual principle, I increase business for your company by amplifying your business passion with tangible strategic planning and effective relationship building. I fearlessly use innovative marketing with the explicit intention of MEETING YOUR BUSINESS GOALS.
    Many business owners often jump into creating materials before they thoroughly explore the essence of why they are doing what theyíre doing, what makes them special, and how they can apply lessons of their past to their current endeavor.
    With consultations which include a visioning process we uncover what you need to know to develop your strategy. This groundwork is the foundation of building solid marketing full of passion for what you do and why you do it. When people can connect with your passion, they decide they must have what youíre offering. Itís the Spiritual Law of Attraction!