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    Category: Enlightened Realms
    Effortless Prosperity
    8990 Spanish Ridge Avenue
    Las Vegas   NV   89148
    Phone: 702.735.6559
    Fax: 702..360.3865
    Website: http://www.effortlessprosperity.com
    Effortless Prosperity It is our Mission to assist others in healing their mind, especially at a level that integrates The spiritual and physical aspects of life. In sharing principals of Effortless prosperity And giving up control, Effortless Prosperity teaches how to connect with all of ones Powers to effortlessly experience the abundance of joy in life. In sharing Loving thoughts Of giving up control he teaches how, with the assistance of your guide, to gain conscious Control of health, money, and relationships with yourself and create ultimate World Peace. The basic truth is the words that Bijan's speaks, Time and again: As more people begin to experience joyful, peaceful, abundant living, The barriers between countries, cultures and religious philosophies will Simply melt away. WELCOME TO AN EFFORTLESS LIFE!