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    Category: Mental Wellbeing
    Spiritual Counseling Wholeness
    21704 Devonshire St #288
    Chatsworth   CA   91311
    Phone: 818.576.0155
    Fax: 818..700.8837
    Website: http://www.spiritualcounselingwholeness.com
    Working with a Spiritual Practitioner is similar to working with many types of therapists except that spiritual practitioners apply spiritual principle. The client feels they have issues that they’re uncomfortable with or want to work with, in any area of their life - health, prosperity, relationships, career/life purpose, intellectual, spiritual or other situations. I begin with the idea that they are already perfect and my work is to assist my client in revealing that perfection while having them reach that high vibrational level- I know it's possible. I do this by assisting you in adopting new beliefs, perspectives and attitudes. As the beliefs, perspectives and attitudes change, this changes your vibratory point of attraction so new conditions and situations are attracted into your life. In addition, I assist you in making ongoing shifts in your consciousness and aligning your thoughts, feeling and actions with the new beliefs.