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    Designing Ripple Effects
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    Website: http://www.rippleeffects.com.au/index.html
    Believing that we all deserve love, support and a sense of belonging, I design my cards to inspire a shift in thinking by stripping away social conditioning and reinforcing a positive and caring disposition. Gentle reminders of how we can live with more compassion, consideration, awareness, strength and respect, bring us back to basics by reuniting caring people. CARE OF SELF Cards are best used daily as practical and inspirational messages increase awareness of the love and care each individual needs and deserves, whilst building on a more compassionate and understanding nature. The uncanny timing of messages will make you smile with the knowledge that the universe is speaking to you. Used by yoga teachers, life coaches, family and friends, and the bereaved, Care of Self Cards support the mind body and spirit, and can change your view on life. FRIENDSHIP GIFT Cards are positive heartfelt messages to be shared with friends and loved ones. Especially good for those who have trouble expressing themselves, they offer messages of love, hope and inspiration. Wonderful to add to flowers, gifts, chocolates or just on their own, Friendship Gift Cards are powerful feel good cards that can change the way you feel.