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    Category: Life Coaching
    Fearless Living Institute
    1823 Folsom St.
    Boulder   CO   80302
    Phone: 303.447.2704
    Fax: 303.447.3006
    Website: http://www.fearlessliving.org
    The Fearless Living Institute is dedicated to showing you that fear no longer has to stop you from expressing, actualizing and living your best life. We prove that the fear of what others think, the fear that you aren't good enough, and the fear that no one could really love you are not based in Truth. And we show you that fear is, in reality, an affirmation of your growth. To support you in mastering any and all fears that have halted your progress in the past, Rhonda Britten has developed fearless living, the only model of fear that exists in the personal transformation movement. The technology she created consists of two wheels: The Wheel of Fear and the Wheel of Freedom. Both are described in detail in her first bestselling book, Fearless Living: Live Without Excuses and Love Without Regret.