Transformational Relaxation Phone

    Get the benefits of the Universal Wellness Transformational Relaxation Program by Phone! Allow powerful changes in your life with this one-hour session designed to bring your stress level down and your energy level up. It begins with a series of questions to determine the best format for you.

    Michelle will guide your mind and body to a wonderful relaxed state. Using visualization, she will assist you to further relax your body and mind so you will finish feeling more refreshed, alive and focused. You will need a speaker phone and soothing instrumental music or sounds of nature. "Heaven", a lovely uplifting CD by Jack Lee, is a wonderful accompaniment to this experience! Inquire it's availablility by e-mailing

    "Dearest Michelle, Thank you so much for tonight. You are incredible and gave me exactly what I needed! I feel I just received a precious gift, the gift of you and your knowledge, given in your sweet gentle manner. You DID help me remember important wisdom I had forgotten, wisdom that will really serve me now.

    Blessings to you, Sandi"

    Fee Structure $125

    One Hour Session
    Multiple session discount packages and
    Gift certificates may be available too!

    Note: These fees include telephone charges within the continental U.S. International charges may apply. This program is ideal for those needing a little restoration and bringing balance to their busy lives.