Personal Success Guide


Personal Success Activity Record

Keeping track of your fitness activities can be a great tool for motivation and adherence. When you do so, you see your patterns, strengths and areas that may need attention. Different tracking methods appeal to different people.

Contact us to aquire your very own "The Personal Success Guide for the 21st Century". You can also purchase the section refills separately depending on which suit your needs best. You can use them to track your activity or even a basic calendar.

Depending on your needs, keep a daily, weekly or yearly record. For some, simply placing a check mark or an "x" each day they exercise is useful. You can have a code that works for you, for example: M = muscle conditioning, A = aerobic activity and S = stretching. Your tracking my be very detailed including things like type, duration, distance, intensity, pounds, repetitions etc. Remember this is supposed to be tailored to your needs. Use as much or as little notation as serves you best!

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