Personal Success Guide


Personal Success Guide

The Personal Success Guide is comprised of a series of educational and motivational exercises and tools. This system was designed to help you reach your highest level of wellness possible. These methods have been successfully used with millions and, if you are ready, can work for you!

What is wellness? Let's compare it to a pie with many pieces. Each person's pie may be slightly different due to our own uniqueness. Cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, nutrition, relaxation, spirituality, preventative care, giving back to the community, sports/hobbies, fulfilling work or employment, volunteerism, healthy relationships ..this is an example of one person's pie pieces. All together they make wholeness and balance without which we sense something is missing. As a fitness consultant, my primary focus is on my client's health and fitness needs. Many, however, have used the Personal Success Guide tools to improve other "pieces of their pie" as well.

The ideas and exercises I share are designed for a variety of lifestyles. I suggest you review them all and then utilize the ones that serve you best.
This material is the work of Michelle Hazlewood and Universal Wellness. Copying without permission is prohibited. Please direct requests to Please inquire about the availability of the "Personal Success Guide for the 21st Century" Manual by Michelle Hazlewood. Thank you for your respect!