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Personal Success Journal

Keeping a journal, or record of daily feelings and occurrences, brings powerful healing and positive energy to our souls. Through it we can deal with experiences from the past and present. As we write about the different situations in our lives, we unleash pent up energy and emotions. With our own innate processes, we gain clarity and understanding about ideas, emotions, problems and opportunities. Through pen and paper, we revel in our triumphs and work through our challenges. Discover how effective this medium can be for you - for your personal, business or fitness life.

Tips For Successful Journaling:

  • Try to write daily and date each entry
  • Write at a quiet time, free from distractions and interruptions
  • If you have trouble getting the words to flow, write a meaningful word, or doodle or write about a dream you had
  • Keep your pen moving - Don't worry about margins or editing - There is no right or wrong way to write in a journal
  • Be creative - perhaps you'd like to occasionally attach a photo or a significant memento
  • In addition to whatever your spirit moves you to write, record your feelings as they relate to fitness, health and self-improvement efforts
  • Know that you create your reality and you can create what you want
  • Remember to cultivate an attitude of gratitude as well as a sense of accomplishment for your achievements\r\n

Our Personal Success Guide for the 21st Century includes a variety of journaling pages for your inspiration and different moods.

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