Personal Success Guide


Personal Success Motivation

Getting motivated at first is easy. You conjure up a mental picture and think, "I really want that"! From that point, staying motivated may be a challenge. Here are some ideas to help you stay on the path you desire.

Internal Motivation:

Visualization - Picture yourself presently being your goal.

Entertain Positive Thoughts - Make a list of affirmations which are positive, present tense, "I" statements.

Avoid Negative Thinking - Words are so powerful! Choose your self-talk carefully. Since your reality is what you think it is, any negative thinking will pull you down.

Internally Motivating Tools:

Self-Improvement Audio Books - These are to enhance your life when you are on the move.

Books - Motivational reading or written exercises are very powerful for many people.

Music - Rock, new age, classical, country or whatever you like....if the music moves your mind, it's likely to help move your body too!

Designated Garment - Choose something a just a little too small if you are trying to decrease fat. For maintainance, pick something that fits "snug". Try it on every other week to see and feel how you are doing.

Fitness Equipment - A stationary bike, treadmill or other key piece of equipment may be the key element that keeps you moving.

Tracking - On a special calendar, chart or notebook, keep track of your activity and when you perform it. This will provide you a record to notice where you are doing well and areas that might be improved on

External Motivation:

Supportive Circle - Associate with uplifting people who support and encourage you and decrease time spent with people who are less than wonderful.

Accountability Partner - This is someone with whom you share your goals and report your progress. In return you get non-judgmental support and encouragement.

Significant Other - Find fun fitness activities to do both with and without each other. Your love and encouragement will go a long way in helping each other stay motivated.

Neighbors & Friends - Make friends with your neighbors and maybe walk with them. Then you will have a network of safety, friendship and support.

Team Sports - For some, this avenue is great. You'll have fun and your sense of commitment to the team will help you stick to your plans.

A Walking Club - From malls to mountains there are many types of walking clubs. If you can't find one to suit you, start one!
E-mail Partners - Find a group of people with the same goal - fitness. Set up your own rules and rewards. Possibility: Everyone lists their activities at the end of the week. The person with the most successes wins the "ante".

Your Dog - Otherwise known as an exercise machine with fur. If you don't have a furry friend to get you going outside, I'm sure there are a few who would like to be "borrowed".

Charity Walk or Race - There are many of these available all around. It feels good to know that you are helping yourself while at the same time helping in a worthy cause.


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