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Do I count calories? Should I measure fat grams? Weigh servings? The nutritional information out there is enough to confuse anyone! While it is important for people with special dietetic needs (pre/postnatal, diabetics, food allergies etc.) to consult a doctor or specialist, the Food Guide Pyramid is a good basic tool for the average person.

Studies have shone that the key to healthy eating is balance, variety and moderation. The Food Guide Pyramid has been widely accepted and recommended by nearly every major health and scientific organization in the United States. As indicated, it is a guide and just one nutrition plan. Research if necessary to determine an alternate, which better suits your personal tastes and lifestyle.

In "The Personal Success Guide for the 21st Century" (contact us for availability)are examples for food idea choices and what amounts equal a serving. There are also charts to fill in with what you eat and you can see where it fits in the Food Guide Pyramid.

You may not be "on target" every single day, but a good goal is to eat the recommended amounts 80% of the time. Bon appetite!

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