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Personal Success Nutrition Record

While for some people hunger is not an accurate indicator, the world would be a slimmer, trimmer place if we used it to indicate when to eat. Many of us simply eat out of boredom, to socialize or just to have something to do. Sometimes we don't even realize we've taken a bite or even appreciate what we've eaten. A Nutrition Record, (available in the "Personal Success Guide for the 21st Century), can increase your awareness of what and why you are eating and analyze you mood too.

You can design your own record as well. Record what you eat, the amount, where you are, your mood and why. Try to make your notes soon after you eat so they are fresh in your mind. Analyze your notes once or twice a week. Do you eat more alone or with others. Are your choices as healthy when you are sad as when you are happy? Do you snack late at night and why?

Studying your record will help you notice your eating habits, the types of food you choose and possibly reveal unhealthy habits that may be sabotaging your efforts.

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