Personal Success Guide


Personal Success Obstacles

Obstacles are a part of life and will inevitably show up in your fitness endeavors as well. Some people see obstacles as opportunities. Other say if you keep your eyes on your goals, youll scarcely notice the roadblocks. However you choose to look at them, if you prepare to deal with them, they are less likely to throw you off track.

This exercise is one way to help you on your journey of wellness and happiness.

Step 1) List any obstacle or interference that you can think of that may rise up before you. Consider whats happened in the past as well as future possibilities.

Step 2) Develop an action plan for each on how you will overcome them and continue onward.

Step 3) Write and say an affirmation for each to reinforce your intentions.


Step 1) I dont feel like walking after a stressful day of work.

Step 2) I will set up a walking schedule with my best friend. We will be accountable to each other for our daily walks.

Step 3) I love the energetic way I feel after a brisk walk!

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